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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Teal Candle Holder, 1 of 4

Remember the post about the four candle holders makeover? Well the first of the four teal candle holders is done and up for sale. Here's the before picture:
This was a fun project. I really like this color. My sister Denise gave it to me when she went with a slightly different teal in her kitchen (which looks amazing! check it out at the end of the post).  So, in the "reuse spirit" I applied this paint to a few other projects of mine. Here's the finished holder:
I LOVE the picture with the red candle on it.  Again, that inspiration came from Denise and Joey's kitchen, and I think the red and teal combo looks amazing.  The past few years I've really started to like all the different red and blue combinations. There was a time when I worried about certain reds & blues looking too "captain america", but I think with the right shades it doesn't even come to mind.  I think the use of teal with the strong red is by far the most impressive! Thanks again Denise! So the candle holder is for sale in my etsy shop, here.

Now for a little inspiration for those of you wondering, here is Denise and Joey's awesome kitchen done in teal with red accents, and a beautiful dark countertop. These colors work great!
The back splash is clear glass subway tile backed in white that they installed themselves. Not shown here is how in the cabinet above is all red dishware, on glass shelves, with spotlights.

Have a great day!

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  1. Thanks Jesse! :)

    I got the tiles from
    Lush 1x2 glass subway tile in color "Cloud" white.
    Free shipping and they are in Scotts Valley!

  2. Yea, I gotta get that bag of leftovers for $5. All 1 inch squares, I could use those on so many projects!

  3. I LOVE these. Any ideas how heavy they are?

  4. Liz -The one in this post is 20.5 oz, or just over a pound!

  5. or were you talking about the tiles? :D

  6. The candle holders :) That sounds about close to what I need. I want to use them as bookends :)


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