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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Paper Parasols

I've always thought paper parasols were really cool, and when I finally found some plain ones - my mind started spinning on what to do with them.  For now I'm starting with tissue paper, and experimenting between bleeding and non-bleeding papers, but I have a lot of ideas written down so there will be more to come. What would you do with a plain paper parasol? I love ideas!
Soon I want to make a few of these into lights. I had a parasol once that I turned into a hanging lamp, I cut the handle off almost all the way, and put a small hook in the stem.  It would hang over a standard hallway ugly light and cast a nice glow down, instead of that terrible bare bulb.

I can create custom parasols if interested, just message me. The rest will be available in the shop. I've seen a lot of awesome parasols done for peoples weddings, some with monograms across them. I haven't tried that, but maybe someday.  Don't forget we are on facebook now, click the button on the right!

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