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Friday, October 8, 2010

Design*Sponge, baby!

I'm so happy and honored to have made it to the front page of Design*Sponge!  I LOVE reading design sponge and have always turned to them for advice, tutorials and ideas.  They post a lot and have "65,000 daily readers on the main site, over 89,000 readers reading via RSS, and 103,000 Twitter followers" (from their About page). Well here is the link to the article: Design Sponge, and here is the review:
I’m not sure if this is a permanent installation or just a creatively styled photo shoot, but there’s something wonderfully surreal about this outdoor desk set up. Jesse runs a little furniture shop in Santa Cruz called 9 Red, and when she saw this pine desk, her creative gears immediately started cranking. She painted the desk ivory and then added lovely silver fleur-de-lis patterns in varying sizes. The results are quite beautiful, especially when paired with the plain wood chair and the wire basket. The desk combines French country, rustic vintage and simple modernism, which I’m absolutely loving. Click here to see more of her creations and be sure to check our her shop site, as well. Amazing work, Jesse!
Did you notice, though, that they think I'm a she? Haha... it's a little funny, and not unusual, because with an androgynous name like Jesse and the faceless-ness of the internet, it happens all the time. Either way, I'm ecstatic to be featured on design sponge, I know they have thousands of before and after submissions coming in all the time. Here's a big thank you to design sponge!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. yippie...that is AWESOME. Nice work MR. Jesse.

  2. Congrats and great work! I'm glad they got that little gender glitch right for ya. That could have gotten pretty serious down the road. LOL

  3. Beauuuuutiful work! This is the reason I'm on your site! Cuz a gal from Design Sponge was on Nate Berkus' show yesterday so I visited Design Sponge On-line and thought this was so spectacular I had to come on over and see what else you been up to! I almost pee'd myself cuz I have a WHOLE SAD BEDROOM FULL of this type of furniture in this dark germanic wood good for being the backdrop of a suicide I swear. seriously depressing. This just made my lips form into an O as I got a faraway look in my eyes and I saw for the first time the POSSIBILITIES! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  4. Thanks Margaret! I'm happy you are inspired to bring that furniture back to life! I'd love to see pictures and chat about ideas if you want. Email me!


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