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Monday, March 28, 2011

Wall Plates

I love plates, I always seem to find neat ones here and there. Garage sales, Flea Markets, and my personal favorite - Japanese markets.  Storing all these plates is another story! This weekend I decided to embark on a project I've been meaning to do forever, pick out my favorites and hang them up. Plate hangers are AWESOME and inexpensive. Why let these beauties waste away unnoticed in the cabinet, when they make such great wall art?! Here are some gorgeous examples of what you can do with your collection, some wall space, and a $2 plate hanger.....

I think they look great, and added bonus - You can still easily take them down and use them.  If you haven't considered plating your walls before, let these pictures be your inspiration and let the hunt for cute plates begin!  Have a great day, it seems the rains have stopped for us here in California.... for now...

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