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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Off to Portland!

I'm heading to Portland tomorrow! But I wanted to post before leaving, so here we go. I'm pretty excited about Portland. For one, it's a road trip (12 hours!) and I love passenging.  I don't think passenging is a word yet, but if it were, it would mean "one who enjoys rides in the car without the hassle of paying attention to driving".  And that's me in a nutshell. Secondly, Portland is supposedly a creative mecca for all things DIY, so I'm curious to see what kind of ideas and inspiration will come from this.  I will not be without notebook! New York gave me tons of ideas to bring home, and I'm looking for more.  Furniture in particular, there are apparently a lot of people up there playing the redo furniture game.  And Third, Portland sounds beautiful.  A river running through it, warm weather, tree after tree after tree...this should be great!

So here's what I've been up to lately. I started juggling a few projects at once to take advantage of the warm weather. Above is the Brod box, done in a beachy teal and white wash.  For sale here, "brod" is Norwegian for Bread.  Ever since I saw teal and red in my sisters kitchen, I've been in love with the combo.  So naturally when I was staging this photo, I thought of bright RED.  This was a fun one.

The other three on the table were not as quick, but are coming a long great. I am not completely finished but here they are in their before state:

Look at that last table!  It was in "interesting" shape to say the least. Really weird finish on it.  It's just about done now, and I'll have pictures soon. Here's a sneak peak of what those end tables are doing:
Oh yes... yellow! As much as I LOVE the bright yellow, this was stage 2 of a longer stage process. These are pretty much done, but I'm taking the time to nicely line the drawers.  I'll have pictures when I get back!

Well, I'll be gone from tomorrow July 14 until Friday July 22, until then, I leave you with this awesome Etsy video.  It's from the "How-Tuesday" line of videos, and is featuring Allison from Zipper8 lighting, which you may remember from this post.  Anyway, she does a great tutorial on how to make a fun cocktail umbrella lantern.  Super easy, cute, and affordable.  I had wanted to do a project like this years ago, but had never thought of some of the tactics to tackle the project that Allison has. Check out her video, she does a great job!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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