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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pinterst Picks: Rainy Day

So I'm supposed to be mopping the kitchen right now, but that is so boring and the computer was staring at me from across the room - as usual.  And I thought, "lemme just hop on pinterest real quick.." which turned into a quick post session.  And why not, it's a rainy day!  Which inspired the theme of my search, and I found some great stuff! So here they are, in no particular order - and notice how this time around, I've learned to embed! They say you learn something every day, so I guess I've met my quota... :)
Look who's on first, a rainy day mobil!
Precious lil thang. Sadly, the original pin didn't include the exact link, but I felt like going the extra mile today and finding the original post. Anything to avoid that mop for my readers! Here she is. Oh, and by the way, links to the pin are under each photo, so click that pic, if you think it's "sick". Oh man, I'm full of it today! HA! P.S. "sick" is supposedly some slang term that actually means "good" or "cool", but you all probably knew that already because you're hipper than I. Or is it me, hipper than me?

Next up - a chandelier that threw me right back into my childhood, hanging out at Grandmas.  She had one of these teardrop chandeliers and I adored it. I still do actually.
Delightful, huh? Agreed. Moving on, I don't have all day here! (Ok, maybe I do) Let's move onto rainy day wall art.  Look at these cute wall decals, I can think of several places in my house that these would be more than welcome...
Nice.. and look at this 3-D rainy day wall art...what's cookin, good lookin!
I think that's my favorite, I'm a sucker for 3-D wall art. Can't get enough. Especially this two direction theme here.  Raining into puddles, evaporating into clouds. That's how it's done! Here's one more wall treatment:
That's a rainy day theme you could do.... say.. on a rainy day. Jeez, where'd they get those towels? Send a link if you please.... OK - I think that's enough for one day, this house isn't gonna clean itself.

Eh one more:

That was worth it! Can you believe that? The color attracted me to that post, first and foremost,but then on closer inspection I saw the crazy gutter work here.  This place plays music once it starts raining!  That is probably a love it or hate it situation, but either way it's impressive. I wonder if the wall takes requests...

Alright, well if the weather is better in your neck of the woods then I wish you the best! For those of us in the rain, set up that crock pot and redecorate your house.  Enjoy it, woot!


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