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Monday, March 12, 2012

Spotlight: Hanging Glass Globe Display

I love the emergence of these glass globes I see everywhere! They are adorable, and can be used in SO many different ways.  Affordable too! One of my most favorite sites in the whole world, Design Sponge, featured a really great DIY project recently that uses a cluster of these glass bubbles.  Take a look at the end result:
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Beautiful! Click here to hop over to design sponge and read their detailed tutorial on how to create this beautiful display.  Wouldn't it look great if you added some recessed lighting in that board as well? Shiny tiny bubbles... now we're talkin'.

Or maybe a hanging display of... terrariums!  Hanging glass ball terrariums!  Wow - these things had me at hello. I LOVE terrariums - I've wanted to make one out of those huge wine jugs you see at the liquor store,  but I've never gotten around to needing several gallons of wine all at once. Plus, how would I manage to make a terrarium after that?  Maybe I should throw a party!  In the meantime, these glass ball terrariums are perfect.  They are big enough to hold a few cute plants, and small enough to not dominate the room. They make great  accents that would go nicely in any (or every) room. I've pulled up a few examples, in case you haven't seen them around.  Here's one from Butter Home:
Here's two I found on etsy stalker, from Still Lily:
If plants aren't your thing, here's another cute idea: sand and rocks. I also thought of candles, but then a friend of mine said he used candles in them, and they broke one by one, sadly crashing to the ground. Yikes! They're affordable but not that affordable.  So, I guess no candles...
These are from Mr. Sparrow, and have a less manicured look, which is also very nice.
I can't wait to get my hands on some of these. I'd love to have a set hanging around the house - I LOVE plants. These seem to be readily available online, and in a lot of local stores.  Get creative and get our your green thumb.  If you don't have a green thumb, this is the perfect way to start! Terrariums are pretty easy, and if you get "air plants" they pretty much take care of themselves.  Worse case scenario, ditch the plants for a mini beach hanging in your house.  Have a great Monday - is that an oxymoron?  :) Send some pictures if you try this at home!

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