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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Party Time: DIY Surprise Lantern

Another Party Time post here, if you missed the first one, you can find it here.  I came across such a great tutorial for a surprise lantern, I knew I had to share it ASAP.   I was actually browsing different uses for paper rice lanterns, when this beauty caught my eye:
At first I thought, "oh that's neat, some tissue paper fringe" but that quickly became "hey wait a minute!"
 YEP! That's confetti! How fun! When I was growing up, there was this graduation party we were throwing, and I was racking my brain for a way to have confetti "bombs" around.  Of course I had yet to discover paper lanterns, maybe things would have been different! This is such a great idea, and it comes from the wonderful party planner over at Oh Happy Day.
 This is something that you could easily tackle, and add a lot of fun & a huge mess to a party. What's a party without a huge mess, right?  They are reusable too! Head over to the tutorial to see the clever "plug" design.  The only thing I can think to add to the tutorial, is to make sure you hang it from a fairly sturdy hook, so only the plug pulls and not the entire ball.  The house I live in is pretty old, and I swear the walls are made out of brittle chalk. It's a real challenge to keep a hook in the ceiling!

When I first saw them I assumed they were being used as a light, which would be a really cool variation on these. Minus the confetti of course, that's probably a crazy fire hazard! But a rice lamp with a great fringe on the outside and a light on the inside would look fantastic. Even a white ball, with white fringe, and a colored light bulb would give almost a fur look.  The rice paper ball certainly has a lot of uses!

Alright party people, let's get to work on these - it's Party Time!

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  1. I can just see all the smiles when the plugs are pulled, especially with children. This project is simply delightful . . . like everything else you do. Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing. Your devoted follower, Connie :)


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