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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spotlight: Catnip Alley Studio

I was browsing around etsy the other night, and these beautiful paintings caught my eye.  I'm in love with the bold colors, and all the modern geometric shapes!  Dayna Stedry, of Catnip Alley Studio has some amazing geometric paintings that would look fantastic in any home, especially mid century modern ones!  These bright & colorful pieces are eye catching and have a special place on my wish list.  I've gathered a few of my favorites, the picture itself is a link to that item in her shop, so get your clicking finger ready.  See them all after the break...

What do you think? Can you see one (or many!) of these in your home? I love them, I'm a huge fan of bright, bold and colorful artwork.  Head over to CatNip Alley to see more, special thanks to Dayna of Catnip Alley Studio for allowing me to do this spotlight, have a great day!

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