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Friday, June 1, 2012

How To: Industrial Side Table

I don't know who the big stores have writing for them lately, but they are sure coming up with some good tutorials for us! Remember the vertical garden from Home Depot?  Well, The other day I was browsing around the internet for ideas on alternative table legs.  I love hairpin legs but they are not always so easy to get ahold of.  Then I saw it, this adorable, industrial, cube style side table.  Before I ramble on, let me show you what caught my eye:

And guess who featured this on their site? Lowe's! What?! This looks like something fresh out of Design Sponge, I love it. Affordable and attainable, this is just what I was looking for. It reminds me of old erector sets.  Plus, having the pre-drilled holes in the frame is really handy.  You could get creative and think up all sorts of additions. Another shelf, maybe a basket for blankets and magazines, or just close the whole box in with a nice opaque glass (or plexi glass?) and wire in a light.

Head over to Lowe's website here and check out this great tutorial, it looks pretty easy.  I'm looking around as I write this, thinking "Where can I fit a pair of these?" What do you think, what would you add? If you try these, share them with us. Have fun!

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