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Friday, June 8, 2012

Pinterest Picks: DIY Wall Art

It's Friday, finally! I thought another round of Pinterest picks would be fun today, so here we go. I love wall art, and I love to change it up.  I also love instant gratification, which means most of my wall art is home-made.  When I've finished re-doing a room, I want to see it finished ASAP - so if I haven't collected enough art for the walls, I break out the paints.  For today's Pinterest Picks, I've found a TON of really great ideas for fast, pretty and impressive wall art that anyone can do.  Let's get started:

First up - have I posted this before? Who cares, I still love it! This is simple shapes cut from pieces of paper or fabric, decoupaged onto a solid colored Canvas. Delightful! Don't forget, if you are ever bored or your canvas - grab some cute fabric, wrap it around, and staple to the back. You're original art will hide behind your fresh new design.

Next up, more easy canvas art. This can be done with any background, and I always love silhouettes. Would you believe that is sharpie?! Check it:

I think this next one is my favorite!  I love nature prints, and combine that with silhouettes and color? I'm sold.  Look how easy and fun this is, the pictures pretty much lay out the steps.
Source: via Jesse on Pinterest

Speaking of nature, how about sunprints? I love 'em!  I haven't done these in so long, it's on my to-do list. I would love to have a set of four framed sunprints from the local shrubs and trees. I love this blue:
Source: via Jesse on Pinterest

On that sunprint note, this person printed out their photos onto transparency sheets and then did the print. Came out awesome:
Source: via Jesse on Pinterest

Amazing! Alright, last but not least, a wonderful gallery of DIY wall art the wonderful people at Design Sponge gathered up - of course! The link in the pin will take you to a full gallery of greatness.

There you have it, some great ideas that will change up your walls this weekend. Get to pinning, you need to remember these! Have a wonderful weekend everyone, the weather is spectacular, and the bbq is a-waiting. . .

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  1. Love the blue sunprints too-beautiful color! I remember when they first came out-sooo long ago. lol


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