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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sneak Peak: Color Wash

(Psst.....see the full tutorial here.)

I was lucky enough to have the day off yesterday, but lady luck decided to throw a wrench in my spokes. As I went out to the car to get the grocery shopping done bright & early, I noticed it was strange that my car didn't unlock when I hit the button.  Either I left it unlocked last night, or this is a very bad sign... sure enough, the door was open, and when I went to start the little guy, silence.  Dead battery!  Adding insult to injury was when I found out AAA's computer systems fouled up for the day, and there was no getting through.  Luckily the towing company was able to bill them, and they came right out (Thanks guys!). I didn't let this get to me, just rearranged my day a bit, which also meant the stores would be packed.  Plus I didn't' expect to go battery shopping yesterday, those things are pricy!  What's done is done, my baby has some new juice, and I was still home in time to keep working on the Armoire.

If you didn't know, I publish these tutorials called "School of Restoration" over at The Divine Minimalist once a month.  I have been meaning to tackle this armoire for a while:

This is one of Ralph's old pieces that was headed for the curb. I instantly fell in love, could it actually be solid wood? I inspected each drawer and track, sure enough - it was. Plus, it's pretty lightweight for such a big beast!

I know some people are going to pass out here because I dared to put paint on wood.  My theory, is if you take a look in the thrift shops across the land, you'll immediately see that they are overflowing with furniture, we can paint a few here or there people. Now I'm not entirely evil, I love a good wood stain & grain, which is why I thought this was the perfect candidate for a color wash.  Just enough to give this piece an update, without losing that beautiful grain, and all those magnificent knots! Alas, the idea for the next tutorial was born.

I'm still writing up all the details for the tutorial, which should post Monday at TDM, but I wanted to share a sneak peak:
Ta da! Or however that's spelled.  I love that there are holes to make this into a media cabinet.  Honestly that's where I see it's future heading, not really into a clothes armoire anymore.  You could easily install a closet rod however, if that is what you're into.

See? I didn't get too crazy! This may be the compromise zone for the wood vs. paint battle.  I can't wait to finish up the tutorial and post, this is a fun and unique treatment for any piece of furniture. There's more to it than what I've shown here, I just don't want to ruin any surprises.  It's missing a shelf, the drawers, the feet...I gotta save something for the debut!

I'm not made of storage, so this pup will be up for sale after, in case you're interested. Which is also why I've had to do a bit of harsh house cleaning lately. I'm overflowing, the furniture is coming in faster than I can redo it, and that takes some real life decision making on what I can realistically tackle.  Anyone else have this problem? Sure I can brainstorm the day away on what to do with each and every piece, but where do you draw the line on a potential piece of furniture?  Help!

Well be sure to tune in when I post that tutorial, I think you'll love it. And if you are in the Santa Cruz area looking for some projects, email me... I've got a few pieces on the chopping block that I'd love to find a creative family for!

Stay cool n' stuff.

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