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Monday, October 8, 2012

Crazy for Colors

Mondays are boring, even if you have the day off it feels like a Monday, how is that possible? Let's brighten it up! Anyone who knows me knows that I like color. A lot of color. I have to tone it down sometimes, but I can't help it.  Bright colors are fun and energizing, and playful! Not everything has to be so serious and muted (Sorry Martha Stewart! Still love ya...) I know some people are deathly afraid of too much color, and it's very much a to each their own. I'm deathly afraid of the lack of color, and that's why these tables are right up my alley.  Let me start with my favorite:
I love this! The white base is great with it too.  This is from Instructables, which, is one of the most awesome websites on the planet. If you haven't seen instructables, call in sick to work today and browse that place.  So many great ideas posted up by real people, with step by step photos & instructions. I love it!  OK, maybe don't call in sick, I'm a bad influence.  Here's a great compromise, these tables are nice & simple in wood, until you turn them on:
Yes! A pair of these by the bed would be great. I found them on this site, but unfortunately the blogger didn't site the source (naughty, naughty!), so I can't find where to get them.  Though, I think you could easily figure out how to do this yourself. Especially now that all these lighting places are selling the LED sets for crazy rotating colors, you could just get (or build!) a cute set of tables, wire 'em up....... boom. done. These, I can't tell you how to make:
Photo Source
So you'd have to buy them.  They are a little more night-clubby than they are cozy-living-roomy but who knows. If I had the chance to own one, I'd find a way to work it in. What's your take on these, too much? just right? not enough?

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