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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pinterest Picks: Getting Framed

Ah, I've seen so many great uses for picture frames on Pinterest! This solves a dilemma for me, I like to have pictures up, but most my pictures are small, 4x6 style prints.  This usually means having a ton of tiny frames on the wall, which almost always end up crooked.  Plus, I like to rotate my photos as I get more of them.  These ideas take that issue in mind & are the perfect solution.  Also, thrift stores almost always have a ready supply of large, sometimes gaudy, picture frames that are just begging for a sweet coat of spray paint.
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Source: via Jesse on Pinterest

This is such a great idea. Pretty simple too! Some wire, clips, a frame and a coat of paint. Done! This would be great for kids artwork too.  Here are some other variations of the same idea:
Source: via Jesse on Pinterest

That blue one really pops!  See what I mean about the frame though? I'll be you $5 that frame was in a Goodwill, and had some crazy painting of cats & flowers in it or something.  Those type of paintings always seem to have these detailed frames, and it looks great in this solid light blue.
Source: via Jesse on Pinterest
Source: via Jesse on Pinterest

Refreshing! A simple coat of paint, does the trick everytime. This works on trinkets & tchotchkes too by the way. Some awkward little porcelain statue of a deer learning arithmetic suddenly becomes a chic little book end, in under 10 minutes! Try it, totally works. That yellow frame there is awesome, I wish I could come across something like that in a thrift shop!

I've never been lucky enough to come across an adorable old window, but if I did, you better believe I'll pull one of these in my house.  It would look so cool with a scenic picture back there. Almost like a fake window, its a pick your own view adventure! My mom and I did that once on a smaller scale, a picture frame that sort of looked like a window. We put an ocean view in there, looked awesome. Alright, I'm gonna wrap things up with this big beauty:

Woo! That is large and in charge. Home Depot never saw this person coming! That's paint chips my friends, done in what looks like a large frame. Though, I bet it's just the molding detail on the wall, filled with paint chips.  Either way, really cool & fun idea for unique wall art.

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  1. Love the idea of the clothes pins and photos-I have a zillion of those as you know, I'd like to put up. Another retirement project! I still have the ocean frame btw. ;) It came out great!


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