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Monday, October 1, 2012

String Art Name Tablets: New colors!

Happy Monday! Is it legal to say that?! Shouldn't be. Oh wait, it's also October 1st..  Happy October! That's better. So, I mentioned recently how busy I have been with  my string art orders, and they are finally done! I have a moment to catch my breath and finish up my twin chevron side tables that I'll share with you soon finally!  For now though, here's peek at the latest string art names, these are all for the same family:
What do you think? Tanner & Landon are brothers, and Ava the sister.  I love the color combos she chose, really fun.  For Ava's, I did something a little new - I put a layer of pink underneath the final colors - not sure if you can see that! And finally, to make things easier for everyone (and to see all the amazing color choices at our fingertips) I set up some color charts for new orders: 
This should change really speed up the order process.  Before, it was a lot of back and forth, and when I showed people the choices I felt like it was a little overwhelming! Hope this helps. Oh, string too:

Look at all the  beautiful colors....... this way we can be more exact. Before it was like, 
Customer: Can I get a reddish... but a deep reddish?
Me: Sure, you mean like a rust? 
Customer: No, like a brick... or wine....
Me: more burgundy like?
Customer: Definitely not burgundy... more orange.. maybe?
And so on! Most important to me was to get the right color for them, so waiting for the package to get to them and see it in person was always nerve wracking, hoping they like the color I chose.  So these codes are the same I use at the store, so I can get the perfect match.

Now that I'm caught up, I'm thinking of toying with a few new fonts, styles & designs. I'll show you soon!

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