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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How-To: Gilded Feather Pendant Light

I've been on a lighting kick lately, probably because I've been obsessing over the look of the new guest room - but I have a crush on all things lighting in general anyway.  During the Design Sponge masking tape competition a bit ago I saw this little baby from Poppy Haus come through, and immediately bookmarked it so I could share with y'all eventually.  Here's the eye candy:
This pendant light is so pretty! Even prettier when you consider it's made from masking tape - amazing right?! It has all the elements that speak my language: It's a light, it's extremely affordable, it's made from things we all probably have in our homes.  I can imagine two larger ones hanging mid-height, framing a bed.  Maybe with a braided or wrapped cord (remember that post?)...Hey, I may just do this in our bedroom someday.. Hooray for new ideas while sharing ideas :)

For a full tutorial, head over to Poppy Haus and prepare to be blown away.  Heather has so many fun projects and her blog is packed with 'em. I've featured her work before when I shared this DIY Sculptural Paper Orb:
Awesome work Heather! Happy Wednesday n' stuff...

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