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Friday, June 14, 2013

Paper Crane Obsession

I love paper cranes! Always have.  For as long as I can remember I've incorporated these into my home (or childhood bedroom) decor.  Not only do I love the look of these, but you can make them yourself, they are impressive, oh so angular, and hey - you can literally do any color or pattern.  Did I mention inexpensive? Perfect. Room need a little something here or there? Whip up a team of cranes and throw 'em in a mobile.  Or whip up a garland and string it across a mantle. It's a great way to add fun & color.

I am currently working on a crane project for our living room (update, here it is! Paper Crane Chandelier), but I have a confession. I'm not folding them this time around. As much as I love folding paper cranes, I need about 200-300 for this project and I'm running short on time (isn't that always the case?).  This is where our good friend Etsy comes in.  Look what I found:



Cranes! In BULK. I'm in HEAVEN.  This shop sells folded cranes, straight from Japan, for a fantastic price.  OrigamiYYC has so many beautiful color options.  I ordered 200, and they arrived surprisingly fast for coming all the way from Japan.  I got the dark grey, light grey and white combo shown above.  They are adorable and really well done! I had to share this shop, I'm just so pleased.  Do you realize the mega shortcut this is?!

So on that note, I rusted up some pins that would demonstrate some of the many ideas for uses with cranes. I did a tutorial a while back using cranes to make a Bird Cage Chandelier, which was fun - but now I'm planning a mega chandelier. 200-300 crane mega.... more on that soon.

Here's a few simple garlands, hanging straight down, that add a modern pop of white to this rustic room. So cute:
It's as simple as using a needle and thread.  To get the cranes to stay in place you can tie a few knots in the thread before stringing on the next crane. If you're concerned with it eventually falling through, tie the knot, then string a small bead on.  The bead will sit between the knot and the crane holding it in place. This pin shows the spacing a little better:
How about a backdrop for a party, photo-booth or any accent wall really - incorporate the colors you love:
Cute paper fan-bursts there (is that what they're called?) by the way.  For me, it's all about the lighting. I love lighting. I have to hold myself back from putting a light in every spot in this house, but I mean, look at this thing:
So interesting! I bet at night it casts interesting shadows and shapes all around the room. Perfect mood lighting, right?

Well stay tuned, I've got a clever little diddy in the works using these bad boys, and a HUGE thank you to OrigamiYYC for saving me so much time, I'm beyond happy and impressed. (How do they fold so many!?) ***pssst... I finished! Here is the Paper Crane Chandelier.

Have a great weekend everyone, Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!


This post was not sponsored by OrigamiYYC, I'm just really really excited about finding their shop!

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  1. Yes, you have always loved cranes and oragami your whole life-and I love them too!! Great idea-can't wait to see your new crane project!! :) Love, Mom

  2. I love these origami cranes too but had not heard of them until an online friend patiently created 1000 for her daughters wedding last year....
    I have made 1 with Youtube instructions and would like to do a small display for somewhere in our new home


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