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Monday, August 26, 2013

Curb Appeal: Part 2

Oops! I forgot to update you all when we finished chopping those ginormous bushes down in front.  So, remember in this post when we first tackled the beasts? Well we were only halfway done, and we finally finished! These things, were enormous.  We bought a chainsaw (yeeeea buddy!! Here's the one we got, it was great) and decided the easiest way to tackle them, was to chop 'em in half and clean up the damage. Check the progress out:

 Here's a wide view, it's so weird to be able to look out the windows and see more than just bushes! It's soooo barren now though! Don't worry - the bushes are still alive, they just got a much needed trim:
So the only drawback is our privacy level dropped, but since we're up high, we still have a lot of privacy inside the house. I just love that you can SEE the house now.  That water utility box... major eyesore. I'm not sure what we are allowed to do with it, so I'm just going to plant a big bush in front. I can't wait to fill up the hill with fun (deer-resistant!) flowering shrubs. 

And through the magic of the internet (Or, because we trimmed in June & I forgot to post) you can see the bushes have returned and the hill is filling up a little bit:
 The bushes are coming back but it's still kinda barren in front. This will be a big project! To keep things pretty, here's what I've got goin so far that the deer haven't eaten:
1. Lantana
2. Begonia (up high, otherwise I think they'd mow it down!)
3. Mexican Sage.

Everything else they eat, or try to eat.  I know, I know, clean that roof! Right? Well, I tried. I got up there, cleaned most of it, then got to the front and realized I was really... really...high up there. Scary! So until we get a mega ladder that will reach up there, let's hope the wind handles it.

What's your take? Is this too out in the open? Do you like homes that are cozy & private or standing proud in sight? 

Let's make it a great week!


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  1. long time lurker here! I locate utilities for a living and if you're digging by have you don't have to call digsafe (811) before you dig but with machine you should definitely call. it's a free to service to you to have all public utilities marked. you can get fines or hurt if you damage something. maybe a courtesy call to the water company or call digsafe to see what public utilities lie near the water box.

    1. digging by hand. ugh. utilities should be buried deep enough but not everywhere/one follows code.

      sorry to ramble!

    2. I knoooow!!! I don't want to dig, maybe we'll just get some quotes and see how expensive it would be... Per the lines, I don't THINK there is anything where we are digging, but you're right - I should check. The last thing we need is to bust open some utility line!!!

  2. it's free! so might as well call. free is definitely my favorite price.

    from your pictures your home utilities are aerial and I'm
    assuming you're not a hugely busy street so there's probably nothing much in the road. but gas or the water those idk. I know WAY too much on this topic. sorry. haha!

  3. Here's a link for your deer problem. A friend of mine is having great luck with the baby formula.

    1. YES thank you so much! the deer are starving this year... even ate some of my succulents!


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