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Friday, October 1, 2010

Postmen Love Parasols

I have two crazy stories regarding the shipping of my parasols,  everything has been resolved but I still look back and can't believe it! Here we go ~

So a Canadian customer purchased one of my first parasols. I was really excited, so I packed it up in a tube, all safe and sound. Everything seemed fine. Now keep in mind, when crossing the border, we don't get the same kind of tracking we do here. Not that it would have helped much, but it would have given us some clues.

So my customer writes me, and says she got the parasol, but inside was NOT a parasol! It wasn't just empty though either, a strange "ring" of yellow fabric had been put in the place of a parasol.  I couldn't understand so she sent me a picture, and sure enough, it had been switched out. I sent her another parasol of her choice, free of charge and it made it no problem.  Though, I can't help but wonder, if there is a Canadian postman running around with a polka dot parasol......ha!

A few weeks later I ship another parasol, this time within the U.S.  My customer writes about 2 weeks after I shipped, asking for more tracking info. I go to check, and it says they are still waiting for me to BRING the item that I paid postage online for! So at this point, no record. My postman didn't remember seeing a tube go out either. The logical answer is that someone STOLE it from my mailbox! I don't know whether to be angry or flattered that people love these parasols so much they are stealing them! But really, it was pretty frustrating.

I offered to make another one for her and rush it out so her mom could use it at a festival in Louisiana, when BAM! It showed up! A happy ending, but I still can't believe the interesting things surrounding the shipping of these parasols. I had to share, have a great weekend!

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