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Monday, August 15, 2011

Doug Fir

On our trip to Portland recently, a friend took us to this awesome bar, lounge, venue & hotel.  I instantly fell in love with the place when we walked in.  It's the pacific northwest's take on 1960's modern.  Think log cabins meet the space program.  I got so many ideas in this place, check out these pictures:
 Above is the bar lit up at night.  The wood looks amazing! I love how it resembles a stack of wood, it's so clever. I plan to implement that style in some future pieces.  Here's a lit up shot:

 Above is a look at the restaurant. See that Chrome globe light fixture? Space race indeed!
 The outside, super modern. You can see they probably kept the rocks from the original motel and painted them white. Some people are so against that but I think this is proof that it works just fine.

 Above is the entryway, see why I was instantly in love? It just got better and better.  If you are ever in Portland, check out Doug Fir & grab a drink.  They have an outdoor seating area with a lava rock fire pit, surrounded by concrete planters bursting with bamboo. The light bulbs in the motel hallways were all switched to blue, and it looks great. Just wanted to share a bit of inspiration with you! Enjoy.

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