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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dining Set, part 3

I'm just about done with the dining set! You've seen and read the progress so far, here, so let's cut the chatter and get down to business. Here's some final shots of the chairs and progress of the table.  First up, the chairs!

 I love that fabric! It's textured so it adds a lot of interest and changes the look in different lighting.
 Don't mind the bits of upholstery foam all over the house.... haha. I had just finished up!
 and in the shop, the table during it's sanding when I remember I had no photo yet:
There it is with the final stain coat on it. She chose "tugboat" by behr, which is a semi translucent stain/coating.  It still lets some of the wood show through while effectively delivering the color she wanted. We are thinking about distressing the edges to let the light wood show through just a teeeny bit. Not sure yet.  Once it's done drying completely I'll set the whole thing up for a fun photo shoot. Have a great Tuesday!

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