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Friday, January 27, 2012

The Dining Set, part 4

and the finale! Well, I put all the pieces in the same room today for a final photo shoot before they go to their new home on Tuesday.  It's been a long journey, but a fun one, and I really like how they came out. Here's the set:
 I wanted to take a picture from both sides, but my three million windows really drowned that last one out! Up next is a close up of the leg, chairs, and table top.

 So, you might notice that table top is a bit different than the first picture I had showed you in part 3.  Well, it is and I'm glad! The person I'm doing this for agreed, it needed a little more brown and warmth, so I distressed it and rubbed 2 coats of Jacobean all over it. Came out great! I love it. I'm waiting for it to fully dry before giving it a good seal to withstand the wear and tear of real life. Isn't that ironic, we distress furniture and then seal them so they won't become distressed? One really great thing about the distressed look though is that if it DOES get a scratch, it's pretty forgiving. I'm rambling, here's some shots of the table progress if you are interested:
 That's the first coat of Jacobean, below is also:
 Bring in a lil' leg to show some contrast:
 And the final coat:
I love that the table is expandable, but with this many seats (6) I think it will always be in it's widest form.  This was a really fun custom job, I was so happy to do it, and I hope she loves it when we deliver it on Tuesday!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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  1. i love the chairs!! i really love to collect different kinds of chairs.. but i love the ones with simpler design...

  2. Thank you! These were by request. I love that the fabric has texture too... it sort of changes in different lights.


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