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Friday, March 16, 2012

Spotlight: Wild Wallpaper

I never imagined myself to be that person, peeling old wallpaper and applying new. The whole process seems so intimidating that I'd rather just grab a roller and a can of paint and just cover everything up.  Then everything changed one day, when a post came rolling into my inbox from the blog SFgirlbybay, featuring Catalina Estrada's new wallpaper designs. They are, to say the least, amazing. Check these bold and beautiful designs out:

I love these designs! What can I say really, they speak for themselves.  I love how playful and fun they are, and the colors are gorgeous. Plus flowers and birds get me every time. I could see myself sitting at a desk, staring at the details instead of working. Sounds like my kind of productivity! These prints are serious works of art, I can only imagine how much work went into this.  The scale alone is impressive, these are huge! You could also work this into a wide range of styles, since they are so wild I think that keeps it non specific.

I'm not entirely convinced that I can commit to wallpaper however, because I like to be able to change the design of a room on a whim.  Yet there must be a way I can still bring these into a room. I'm considering using the wall paper on extra large canvases or boards.  That way I could hang the design, and move it as desired.  That's just me though, I think I'm just scared of the process that is wallpapering, which is so not a word!  Check out more of Catalina's designs on her site, and check out the original post that I read on this wall paper here: on SFgirlbybay.  Have a great weekend!

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