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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How To: Pizza Rolls

A few weeks ago we were sitting on the patio, thinking what to make for dinner.  One thing led to another and we came up with an idea.  Let's take a pizza, roll it up, and cook it!  We figured we were total geniuses.  Well - a minute or so later on the internet, and it turns out that we are not the first to think of this.  The internet is bittersweet that way, but - I did get some tips that saved us a lot of trial & error pizza.  We were thinking roll it, bake it, slice it.  Instead, we sliced it, laid them down like cinnamon rolls, added cheese & baked them.  These are delicious, you've got to try them - but I warn you, you may eat more pizza than you normally would!  This is my first "full picture" tutorial, thought I'd give it go - perfect for pinning!  Here you go:
Not that pizza needed any sort of improvement at all, this is definitely a fun twist though.  We arranged them so the sides were touching, and this made for a super soft center roll.  Good luck deciding who gets that one, it's amazing!  I bet if you space them out evenly that each one would get nice crispy edges and soft centers.  We also added all kinds of stuff to ours, kale, broccoli, and more sauce & cheese!

Weird about the Dental floss, huh? I see why now. The pizza is so squishy that a knife would just flatten it out.  I took the floss, wrapped it under, then around the top like I'm about to tie a bow.  Instead of tying, just pull the floss past itself (like a loop) and it will slice clean.  I recommend doing it kind of fast, so the pizza doesn't see it coming and squish up on you.  Fishing line may work well too.  Now, all I had was mint floss.. and you'd think we'd taste mint, but there was no mint flavor at all... so fear not if you don't have unflavored floss!  Just slice away.  Oh, and be sure to lay out a bunch of fun dipping sauces - try it California style and dunk it in Ranch dressing.  Enjoy, this one is a new family favorite!

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  1. This is such a great idea!! We are going to try it with our next Papa Murphy's pizza!! Looks delish!! ;)

  2. So funny! I saw this idea on Pinterest using Rhodes rolls as the pizza crust. Fill it with your favorite toppings, roll and bake. We made it the other night and it was TOTALLY delish. Your take-n-bake way sounds way easier :)


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