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Monday, November 19, 2012

How To: Wooden Cube Chandelier

Last week I talked about the kitchen lights, and a few of the ideas we're playing around with for the tall ceiling above the work space. We want something big and bright, but nothing too visually heavy that will crowd up the room. We want it to feel really open.  Here's one of our contestants, it reminds me so much of the Ghost Lamp style, where bare bulbs shine through a beautiful skeleton.
I love how it's still the natural wood, and is so modern with it's fun angles.  I think for the kitchen area I may have to rig this up with 3-4 light bulbs to get the light we're looking for. Maybe Edison light bulbs? This is a great project, and you can get the full tutorial right here, from the creative folks over at Vintage Revivals.  Enjoy!

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