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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Decorate with Driftwood

***UDATE: Guest room? Check.. See the full tour here*** 

So as most of you know, we've been tying together the details of the new-ish guest room (as seen here) - trying to keep it beach inspired & nautical without pulling in an entire harbor's worth of boats & life preservers. We've done the Cyan Night-stand and the Jute Wrapped Chandy... and I thought the perfect touch to hide this weird corner would be this awesome driftwood mobile:
Ta-dah! I love it. See the issue was, well- it was only my weird issue, really - that strange corner there and the double light-switches.  We couldn't just get rid of it because on the opposite side is our wall heater, so - disguising it became the new goal.  I built that shelf to the right (Come back Friday for a tutorial!) to try and cozy it up a bit, and this driftwood finishes the job.  
Pardon that grey paint there, we got impatient and wanted to see the color. The whole room is getting the grey treatment any. minute. now.  Isn't this mobil great?! I've always loved the look of stacked driftwood, here's a flashback actually - I did a yard installation at our last house that involved rebar & stacking driftwood, get a load of it here - forgive the terrible picture sizes, arrangement & editing - it's from when I was a baby blogger!
Long live the close up shots, they never get old.  Now, I've always dreamed of making one of these for years but I did NOT make this beauty.  Two reasons: 1) I don't live 2 seconds from the beach anymore and 2) out of curiosity I was browsing this etsy shop and man oh man.. I just went for it. So glad I did, Brent custom made this one for me to the length I needed, and it was here so fast.  Way to please my impatient side, Brent!

Seriously though, hop over to Sunset Driftwood on Etsy to see the crazy creative things this guy is doing with sticks that wash ashore.  Love it!

Thanks for reading, until next time - Fair Winds! And other nautical expressions...


As promised, up next is the tutorial on how to build that shelf in the nook there.. clicky clicky.

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