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Thursday, July 25, 2013

String Tablets Show & Tell

Gotta few newbies finished up last week, I'm thrilled with how they came out.  Here's my new favorite, standing proud on a 9.5" x 16" dark walnut tablet:
People have trouble figuring out the size, so I threw in an object we are all familiar with.

Then, by request, here's the state of Illinois with a star over Chicago, let me just say, these states are some of the hardest string art I've done yet! States are not shaped very nicely, like animals...

Here's an electric looking name for a nursery, "Ruby" is done in a new font I found called "Japan" with the colors fuchsia, gray and chartreuse inter-layered within the letters. I love it!

Here's one that I did for Makeably, as a thank you for including me on their Airbnb project... I made it to match their websites font & logo exactly, and I'm glad it came out nicely:

The stain above is an interesting one, first I stain the wood with a dark tea, then I come back the next day with a concoction of steel wool and vinegar. It reeks while I'm doing it but the smell goes away once it's dry, luckily.  The color can't be beat though!

Then another thank you gift, the letter "B" for Karen over at Redoux, for hosting a giveaway for me. Another Dark Walnut tablet, this time with a more typewriter style font. Her choice!

Then last but not least, this is one of the gifts I gave my sister and her husband for their wedding last weekend.  She gave me the general colors of their living room and I chose this combo:

So that's the latest in what's been keeping me busy in the string world, I've listened to a ton of This American Life in the process.. it's been great! If you are interested in ordering a tablet for your home, please go to my etsy shop or email me directly to start the conversation.

Thanks for reading, have a great one!


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  1. Ahhhhhhhhh totally in love with the deer!!!!!!! The others are great too!

  2. Love the deer-it came out incredibly awesome!! Might want one now-lol. Luv. Mom :)

  3. As usual these are excellent. My daughter tried her hand at some string art and needless to say I don't think folks realize it's a lot more difficult than it looks. Especially to have it turn out like art as yours do.

    1. Thanks! Yea, it's a pain. literally. lol You get so sick of hammering about 50 nails in... but it's worth it in the end! Tell her to keep going :D

  4. Hi Jesse! Thank you for your comment on my cork Same Boat string art post! I have only done the one but you have definitely inspired me to do some more! I love the texture of cork, but I think the next one I do I will use wood, or some combination of wood and metal. The cork was obviously more pliable than wood, but none of the nails have popped out. I was able to push them all through the layer of cork and through the cardboard backing. That being said, I am very careful with it and don't touch it, because if it were to be jostled/pushed on/etc the nails would pop out. But it looks great hanging on the wall!

    A few questions for you!

    - Where do you get your wood?

    - How do you package your finished pieces for shipping? Have you ever had one show up defected?

    - Have you gotten faster at stringing? I had no idea that my project would take me all day long!

    Thank you again for the comment! I am happy to have connected with you :)



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