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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Before and After: The Downstairs Bath Official Tour

Should we finally tour this bathroom or what? When we started the bathroom in...oh.. mid, November? The idea was for it to be a 1 to 2 weekend project.  Then of course Thanksgiving happened, and oh - all of December is pretty much devoted to the holidays, and then we were able to get back to work.  I'm pretty proud of our lil makeover, we did it on a budget ($300ish?) and changed the room drastically.   You can see the the post that started it all here or you can browse the many posts throughout the process by clicking here.  Quick refresher of how it looked BEFORE:
Keep that image in mind as I do my best to photograph the AFTER photos. I really, really love how it turned out.  I'll share two sets of photos, one in our fabulous vintage yellow light, that casts a warm glow all over the room - which by the way - makes your skin look amazing & clear. Yellow lights from now on, haha... Also - find project links under each photo. Get ready for a ton of photos...

Rather than replacing the existing stand, we decided to save a little cash & add some personality by giving it a face-lift.  This was a simple job, paint & rub in a stain.  Since we wanted a wall size mirror in here to make the space feel larger, we had a custom mirror cut & we built the frame ourselves.  Adding a mantle gave us room to put a few plants & trinkets, while providing a space for people to set things.

The towel rack used to be to the right of the toilet, which, was pretty awkward.  Adding a slim towel rack the width of the window provided ample hanging space while bringing yet another metal into the room. 

The plan was to make some art, but by chance I spotted this at Ross & knew it would fit perfectly.

A few thrift store scores in woods, metallics & browns + my ferns cozy up this space.
One more shot of that mirror.......

The floor was originally peel & stick linoleum, and once we started looking around on Amazon for flooring we realized peel & stick has come a long way! These were simple to put in, and give the illusion of a wood floor that I dream of. You can find them on Amazon here, we used 2 boxes totaling about $30.

Man that room is hard to photograph! Here are some daytime shots, it's been super rainy so it was STILL a challenge getting good light, but I didn't want to wait until summer to share this with y'all.  So here we go:

In a better lit bathroom you could totally see how awesome that rug is, I got it from an Etsy Seller (click here!). Here's a better shot:

So in love with that ceiling! The trim, was a... .let's just say, "learning experience". We used fence lumber (not treated with chemicals!) to achieve the rustic look (I'm too lazy to dismantle pallets, plus I hear they have super chemicals all over 'em), and did a simple whitewash before installing.  I'd say it cost us around $40.

I had wanted something in this blank corner since you could see it in the mirror, doubling it's blank-ness. It had to be small, it had to be light, it had to be living. Tah dah!

I'm really happy with the bathroom! I think we are coming in at around $300 total, which is pretty good considering we repainted, bought a new mirror & added a frame, built a mantle, redid the floors, added a custom whitewashed ceiling & scouted out all new accessories.  Thanks for touring!


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  1. You are amazing! Great job. Very inspiring that anyone can makeover a room on a budget!

    1. Thanks Chole! Yea I think the most expensive thing was that mirror, we splurged. And even that was about $60, so we didn't do TOO bad...

  2. I love this transformation. My favorite is still the ceiling. Everything came together perfectly. Great job!


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