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Monday, March 18, 2013

Custom Dining Set Update

Hey, It's Monday! Did you end up making that corned beef? We did, and oh-man - it was delicious.  It was totally worth the amount of salt it came with, haha...seriously a years worth in that puppy.  The new cabbage experiment? Totally gonna remember that, it was great.  But anyway...

A long time ago, a little over a year - I started in on a mega dining project that a customer requested.  It was a really fun project and I was excited and flattered that she asked me to do it for her.  We were in communication the whole time, from picking the fabric to scouring craigslist, and it came out great.

Well, I've sold a lot of furniture over the years and it's always SO great to see the furniture in it's new home. Leila was nice enough to send me a picture of the dining set I did for her, staged nicely in her beautiful home:

Aaaw! So great to see the set in it's home.  Special thanks to Leila for sending these pictures my way, and good luck to her too - she's following her dream and starting a new adventure in a new state, have fun Leila!

Alright before I head out, let me leave you with a gallery of links that'll catch you up to speed if you're new around here.  Thanks for stoppin' by!

Next up: DIY Picnic Blanket? Yes please...

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