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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Lounge Chair

When on of our chairs broke, Jen n' Joel went on a hunt with me to get a new one. On our way to the store, we saw this little baby upside down behind some store. Ross had said he wanted a chair with this lounge look, so I knew we had something here. Problem was, I hated the brown sides. Here's a picture during recon, because I forgot to take one before:
Now things got really interesting when I discovered that those arms were plastic. Yep. Plastic. Terrible! They had to be sanded and primed with a plastic primer, but after all was said and done, we got this chair:
It came out great, and it was a recliner! When we moved though, it had to go, because we would no longer have an awkwardly long living room, and the house we moved into just didn't have the space for it. If you are wondering, that's two coats of Robins Egg blue ( if I remember correctly) and then a charcoal wash. I sealed it like 8 times with polycrylic, so that it wouldn't chip. It worked   :)

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  1. Fantastic! Makes that 'old man eye sore' into a chic showpiece. nice work


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