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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brick & Turquoise Drop Leaf

Brick & Turquoise, Teal & Red, how can you say no to this combo? You can't. They are naturals. I started work last week (beFORE the rains...) on an older drop leaf table I had around. Let's start with my inspiration picture first:
HELLO! How cute is that thing? I was searching for ideas, and I knew I wanted to use turquoise, and I saw this. The red layer underneath poking out here and there is what sold me, and away I went. So here we have a table with one too many layers of lacquer going on.  I know it was a style, but the key word there is "was". But it was solid wood and had plenty of interesting carvings, this table was ready for it's world to be rocked:
Hello Darling....
After it was stripped, we realized it some pretty neat woodwork going on, and goal #1 was to do a stain. Well that fell out the window and I decided, forget it, let's just be bold and see what happens. So here's the progress. First I put a coat of this beautiful brick red from my sister Denise, which managed to paint not only her living room, but mine as well:
Bring it!
I love this red. It's great because it's a nice flat red, and will really work well the bright turquoise. So that was layer one, bear with me. Layer 2, the turquoise:

Alright! Now we're getting somewhere.  This is about as far as I've gotten, since it's cold and wet outside and the paint just never seems to dry. Rather than rush it, I just came inside to post this :)

The goal here is to either whitewash the outside or do a dark glaze over the whole thing. I can't decide. Either way, I'll distress the project in all the right places and let that brick red shine out where it counts. Wish me luck, i'd love to hear your feedback, input and ideas on this baby. Also, I got new hardware (not pictured) it's a white ceramic drawer pull.

Have a good one!

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