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Do you have a question? 
Need something redone or advice on your own redo?
Just want to chat? That's great, because I'm addicted to emails. 
I love hearing from you & I always reply... send me an email:

I'm located in beautiful BenLomond, California. You can see some of my work in Redo at Scotts Valley, California, and all my available pieces are always displayed and for sale in my etsy shop as well. 

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  1. Just stopped by your blog to pin one thing, and ended up pinning 3, and it looks like I've got some more pinning to do as I snoop around.


    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it! You can also subscribe via email updates or RSS on the right. :)

  2. I love your blog. Thanks so much! You are very generous! I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Very good and clear the sptep to sptep. A hug!

  3. Hi Jesse
    Been reading & enjoying your blog for a while now and Pinned last year's Stuffins post so I would remember it for this year's Thanksgiving.

    Can I just tell you how viral that Pin has become?! There have literally been several hundred Re-Pin notifications to me from Pinterest about that one Pin. That's just from the people who used my original Pin. Imagine all of their followers who also Re-Pinned it...
    ...and it all links back to Nine Red :) Great exposure opportunity!

    Plus, Thanksgiving is still two months away! It makes me wonder if hundreds will turn into thousands...
    Hope this puts a smile on your face :) Keep up the great work!


  4. I'm sorry, I can't seem to find my post that you already responded to. I was saying how I love your Peacock string art! I was wondering if you had a pattern for it?

    1. Hey there! I believe it was a facebook comment on this page:

      That pattern IS in the new book for sale, and eventually I will be selling the patterns one by one in my Etsy Shop (

      But I think the book, having 24 patterns, is a better deal :)

    2. Eggcellent! Thank you!!


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