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I've gotten a lot of  personal questions over the years, such as "Do you have an about me section?" So here I am, writing one.  Ask and ye shall receive or whatever.  I'll answer a few popular questions and just for giggles, I'll do it in third person.

Q: Who are you?
Alright meet Jesse:
This is him standing in front of a waterfall in Oregon, where it was colder than he was used to in the middle of Summer. But hey, still smiling.  He loves traveling, the outdoors, making almost anything (or at least trying!), cooking, and throwing damn-good parties.  He's originally from San Jose, California - then moved to Santa Cruz (super close) where he started the blog Nine Red that is what you see today.  He accidentally spends hours on the internet pinning ideas and inspirations from the enormous blog-o-sphere, then shares them all on here. He's 30 and a very proud Virgo.

Meet Ralph:
Ralph is Jesse's amazing boyfriend and partner in crime, who willingly jumps into all these wonderfully challenging house projects. He's from Temecula, California and also loves traveling, laying in the sun, anything related to water and/or being in the water, Cars and all things tech.  He's also 30, and his birthday is on Christmas Eve...

Ralph and Jesse did what most young loves do, and bought a house.  Here she is, in beautiful Ben Lomond, California....
And just like that, they officially became mountain men - and learned to build fires on a nightly basis, witness rivers of water pour down a mountain into the backside of their home, and trim trees like it's the newest and coolest thing to do.

Together they have wild plans that involve a lot of time and hopefully not a lot of money.  On any given Sunday you can find them balancing three projects, forgetting to eat lunch, and trying to fit in a few more DIY's before the weekend officially ends.

For the blog, Jesse loves to document and share projects and ideas to create a "mutually inspiring online community".  In other, less technical words, sharing his own projects as well as readers projects, so everyone can see how the house of your dreams is right in front of you - and it doesn't have to cost a million bucks. Being thrifty is something both these fellas do best.

Q: What does Nine Red mean?

The name Nine Red came about when Jesse needed a name, any name, but something non specific in case he changed his mind on what the business would be. Which, was one of the smartest things he's ever done because as predicted, he did change the business several times. It started with T-shirts, then vintage goods, then furniture until ultimately he realized he's way too all over the map, and just needs broadcast all the crazy projects to the world, so everyone can get crazy with their house too.  Furniture was extremely fun for him but found shipping several hundred pound pieces to be quite the challenge, and found teaching how to paint furniture was much easier to deliver. 

Q: Yes, but what does it MEAN?

Oops - got carried away - he came up with the name when he lived in Santa Cruz, near the beach and a lagoon that had 3 large radio towers in it. Yes, IN it. Each tower, had 3 red lights on it.  Stuck with the naming dilemma, one night he realized that these lights were practically right on top of his house, and even in his apartments beforehand they've always been in view. And so it was. Nine Red Lights, or the more non-specific, Nine Red. It was vague, it was easy, and it was decided.

Q: I notice a lot of cats, how many do you have?

Don't laugh, they have three.
Meet Tyler:
Tyler is adorable, and he's the oldest & crankiest of the cats - he has an opinion and he'll be sure to make it known. When he's not gorging on gophers or somehow hogging the entire couch, he can actually show some serious signs of love and affection.  Tyler does not help with projects, asking him would offend him.

Meet Reuben aka "Beuben":
Reuben is the youngest of the cats, has a happy-go-lucky attitude and an "anything goes" outlook on life.  He collects lizards, shrews and snakes - prefering to bring them home alive.  His role in the home is assuring all members of the family are up and at'em no later than 7 a.m. and will gladly lend a paw in every single project being worked on.

Charcoal, who has yet to approve a photo, is the middle-child cat, and prefers sleeping, demanding to be let in and out of the home, and sleeping.  She can be found parked in the middle of any 1 of 3 staircases, as she monitors the comings and goings of the home.

Alright, back to first person we go - got another question? Feel free to ask me in the comments section below, or you can email me anytime at

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  1. i loved this 'about me'! i just found your blog via vintage revivals!

    1. thank you! Glad to have ya :D

    2. that's how I found the blog too, via vintage revivals! lol

      Love your blog & the about me was interesting! I live in CA too, L.A. and love it here!


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