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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lil' French Provincial!

Here she is! All done and ready to take home:

 I love how this one came out! It was similar before, but in pretty bad shape and dirty. Now we have a cuter cleaner style, that still says french vintage. I believe it's named "Madison" - kinda cute! For sale in the shop.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Teal Mirror - Before & After

Remember this mirror? (see post here) Well it's done! Here are some images from before, during, and after. What a change.

For sale in the shop, here:

Have a great day!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Shed!

So I've posted before about the workshop shed, but I never showed the storage shed! We set up a 10 x 10 "garage" to store furniture in before we work on it, so the moisture here in Santa Cruz would stop killing them! I've lost quite a few pieces to moisture, and it's really annoying - especially when you are in the middle of a project! It's mostly the mist from the ocean that does it. 

Anyway - up until now, it was on the ground. But thanks to my step-dad Mark, we were able to raise it! Take a look first and I'll explain after:
 Using free pallets from craigslist, we stacked 18 pallets on top of eachother, in opposite directions. Then purchased roof plywood ($8 a sheet) and secured them to the pallets.  $26 dollars and about 2 hours later, we have a raised platform to keep the furniture off the groung this winter! This came out so much better than I thought, that I am really excited to do the workshop with this method and a few other areas in the yard, but use nicer wood on the top for a pseudo "deck".  I rent so I don't want to spend money on installing a full on deck without permission (and compensation, ha!). Mark had tons of tips and tricks about this procedure he came up with, e-mail him here if you want more information.

Have a great day, keep an eye out for our new flickr album as I'm going to start posting all the inventory "as - is" to be available for reservation. Thanks!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kevin's Table

Hello! Here is a beautiful table that Ross has been working on for our friend Kevin, sorry it's not for sale! I love the way it came out.
 Sadly, I don't have any before pictures, but let me tell you it was in trouble. It had a lot of stains in the top, some looked like oil. The table has a hand carved signature, and says "Jules Suppo 1953".  Almost 60 years old! Ross is going to give it another coat of stain and then seal it up for protection. 

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Polka Dot Chairs

... the adventure continues! I just finished putting on the fabric for the seats, and had to take a preview picture. What color do you think the chair should be? I was aiming for light blue, but now I have no idea. Remember, it's a set of four, and the back will match the seat!
In case you missed the original pictures, here they are:
Give me your ideas! Thanks!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Long Break!

Hi everyone! I apologize for such a long break, we have been working really hard getting our new workshop set up. Here is a picture:
There you have it. That table was a crazy find, we went to a "free" sale which turned out to not be free (long story) and scored this table.  It's HUGE! We don't have a big enough truck at our disposal, so we paid extra to have it delivered. Well, we got a call that night around ten p.m. saying they dropped it off at the liquor store NEAR our house... and that's it! SO Ross and I, at ten p.m., were carrying an enormous table down the middle of the street.  It was very awkward, but very worth it! We can each work from a side with plenty of space. 

I've started in on a few projects.  The first is one of the chandeliers. I decided to break all the glass out, and I will paint it bright red with oversized light bulbs.
Breaking the glass was a fun stress relief!
 The other project is a set of four chairs from my Grandma.

It's so cool to be working on these chairs after growing up around them. It's neat to think all this time I never knew I'd be redoing them one day!
Set of four, all matching. Here they are primed:
Like our make-shift paint booth? There is one chair missing from the photo. I think I am going to paint them a light blue, and use this fabric for the seats and the back:
I haven't finalized any of the plans though, so it is still open if anyone wants to reserve them to buy and choose the colors and fabrics.  Anyone have suggestions of chair color, after seeing this print?

Ross is working on a few things right now too, but I only have a picture of one. This mirror:
It's pretty big - It's been primed now too, and is about to receive a coat of color. This is also up for reservation if anyone is interested. 

Thanks for checking in, I'll post progress pictures soon! Have a great one.

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