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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spotlight: Spin Art

I love nostalgic arts!  Just like string art & tie-dye, spin art is one of those projects that reminds me of childhood.  So fun to make, and looks pretty cool.  I've seen a lot of different spin art machines that give you splash look, but this machine I want to share with you uses markers instead, and gives a much cleaner & controlled look:
These are the work of Sarah Gee...  I love all the colors she's used.  These are so mesmerizing, and pay tribute to the project of the past.  Check out the video on The Jealous Curator, but be careful, it's really hypnotic!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pinterest Picks: Jackolanterns

I couldn't think of anything for my pumpkin this year, then as a few of us were talking about Fall in general, & someone said something that sparked an idea:
..........get it?! Ha! Pumpkin Pi.... oh that's a knee slapper. So dorky!  Have you all started carving up your produce yet?  Here are a few ideas I pulled from Pinterest.  These ones are cute, a little bit creepy... I love that they hang from the tree. They are made from turnips!

That front one almost looks sad... not mad.  Meh. Who said you had to carve only pumpkins anyway? Let's carve all the crazy fall squash:

I imagine the butternut squash singing, I dunno why.  Your pumpkin doesn't always have to be trying to scare the kids right off your porch, take these simple patterned pumpkins:
Source: via Jesse on Pinterest

I think that last one had little christmas lights instead of a candle? Can't tell. If you're the detail oriented type and want to get really extreme with your pumpkins, here's some pinspiration for ya:

Ugh! That skull is the creepiest thing ever! But, you gotta admire the work they must have put into it. Still though, his eyes creep me out! I need something cute after that...
Source: via Jesse on Pinterest

Aah! Much better. I love those big eyes! So what's it gonna be this year? Creepy scary pumpkin or cute n' cuddly?  Either way, hop to it! Halloween is tomorrow..... Alright, keep it real people, be safe n' stuff.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

How To: Sliding Barn Door

I've shown you all pictures of the house-to-be, and like anytime I'm about to move, all I can think about is what will go where, how to decorate, and what needs to be fixed right away. This fills up 85% of my thoughts, no joke! So one of the issues that's been killing me, is the positioning of some of the doors in the new place.  Someone did not think this through.  Particularly the larger bedroom, let me try to paint you a little picture here.  The door opens inward, and blocks a door that goes outside.  That door that leads outside, also opens inward.  Can you picture the problem? You can't have them both open at the same time, no matter how much you swap the directions. They slam into eachother.  Until this...
The Stony Brook House
The perfect solution, a slider!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

How To: Origami Star Lantern

Oh man, oh man - I love Origami! I always have. I've always had a place in my heart for it, don't know why. It could be part of my fascination with all things Japan, or my love of all things paper.  I used to do a lot of Origami but set it aside for a while.  When Ralph & I decorated for the Sushi Party, we made a few little cranes & such to place around, and it reignited my interest in the paper folding arts. I'm especially impressed when Origami can be made into something not only decorative but useful, like bowls & boxes. And now, the Origami Star Lantern:
Photo Credits: How About Orange & Passengers on a little spaceship
Let's have some collective ooh's and aah's shalle we?! So cute.  One piece of paper, many folds, super adorable.  You will be seeing these around our house, especially when decorating for the Holidays comes up (suprisingly close!)  Don't worry, the candle is actually inside of a glass votive, not just sitting dangerously in the paper. They've really thought of everything...

These can be used for a lot of different things, bowls, potpourri, or put a frog in there and use it for ikebana.  Or upside down, poke a hole in the back or each and put the low wattage Christmas lights in them.  Just think how many you can make if you swindle your friends & children into helping, haha!  I love the colored ones but I think the white is my favorite.  Head over to the adorably named blog, Passengers on a Little Spaceship for the full tutorial.  Which, by the way, is amazingly detailed!


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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Speaking of Chevrons...

Yesterday I shared my latest tables with you, the Chevrons twins, and it jogged my memory that a reader recently sent in a table she did to share with the rest of us. After following the Striped Round Table tutorial and adding her own twists, Chantena came up with one amazing dining set:
What a fantastic job! I love the little bits of distress she did in the centers of the stripes.  Guess what? She did those chairs too! Reupholstered (in an adorable fabric!) and repainted.  She says she's going for teal & red in her dining area, and will soon be adding a red crystal chandelier. That will look great, especially with that red buffet back there peeking through! Great work Chantena, and thanks for sharing with the rest of us, your table is so inspiring! 

As for me, some rainy weather has kept me from doing too much outside, and I've been working on a few indoor projects. I'm almost ready to post up a short DIY project, until then, here's a sneak peak:
It involves a bird cage.  I've been meaning to use this thing for literally years (don't we all have those types of things lying around?) and finally I got to it.  I'm almost done, and will share soon, I'm loving that yellow with yesterday's tables!  Can you guess what it is?  Thanks for checking in & thanks for all the nice comments yesterday - it's so great to hear from you all!   
Make the most of today!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chevron Side Tables

Introudcing, my latest furniture project, the Twin Chevron Side Tables:
Wow, I'm finally done! This was my first time doing the chevron pattern, and it was definitely a new experience.  Lots of taping! I know I've been talking about them forever, but you know how time is, it just flies. Can you believe it's almost Halloween? Wow. So what do you think of these tables? Those handles pull out drawers that I lined with a great coral print fabric, leftover from this project. I of course forgot to take a picture!  Hmm, these pictures may not do the top justice, but it's actually cream stripes on a walnut surface:
There we go, that shows up a little more. I love that dark walnut stain! It's always been one of my favorites.  For the base I used Cozumel, another favorite of mine, and decided to try it with the DIY Chalk paint recipe, and in my gravity feed sprayer.  I had a little trouble though, I didn't dissolve the plaster of paris enough apparently and got a few chunks here and there.  They sanded off very easily, but then I had to recoat so I didn't have little white dots! If you try this, dissolve that plaster as best you can!  Before I rattle on, check out the before: shot
I used Citristrip on this one to remove as much of the finish as I could. Though I just found out about a Minwax Product called Furniture Refinisher, which apparently can remove a good amount of this junk. Next time! Have any of you used that before? Citristrip is great and all, but it was a little challenging this time, not sure why! That's the ins & outs of furniture refinishing, a product will work great on one piece, and not great another. Who knows!

I originally intended to try and go really clean with this piece, mainly to keep a little variety in my life, but as that one cricket in that one movie that shall remain  nameless (copyrights, hello!) always said, "Always let the furniture be your guide" - yes, that's what he said, I'm sure of it. I had to follow these tables lead, and distress them.  The paint was being finicky in certain areas, and the decision was made - they would look much nicer as a distressed piece.  I think it matches their age really well though! These are solid wood tables, and heavy duty! I think they'd look great framing a couch for a pop of color in a fun loving home. These will be for sale soon, e-mail me if you're interested & want me to hold them for you.  Have a fantastic day, keep in touch: Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Spotlight: Kaleido Trays

Oh my! Pin this to my must-have board, I love these!  These Kaleido Trays from A+R are incredible, and so versatile.  We love entertaining in our home, so having a wide selection of trays comes in extremely handy. All the time. Clean & ready trays take a load off as the host, because as people arrive with this or that, you can quickly and easily lay things out, spending less time preparing and more time enjoying.  Not only are these the cutest colors in the world (80's rainbow!), but the combinations of trays you can create using these geometric shapes are seemingly endless.  They all fit snugly together, so you can have large open trays, trays with sections, trays with dipper bowls, and they all stack nicely to be put away.  Though with these colors, I guarantee I'd have them on display!  They give me all kinds of ideas for geometric wall art too, seeing these interchange so easily into different patterns is really inspiring! I was always a sucker for those geometric wooden blocks we played with as kids (I still have some, and use them!) so it's no wonder I'm drawn to them. You can purchase these trays from the A+R Store.  What's your take, do geometric shapes have a place in your home?  Enjoy the day, it's raining here - fun!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

How To: Mason Jar Chandelier Tutorial

Today I have to go to IKEA, that's both good & bad. Good, because hello - it's IKEA! Bad, because it's an hour and a half away and I'm choosing to go through commute traffic.  It will be worth it, I'll just listen to a few episodes of This American Life and be surrounded in Swedish furniture before I know it.  I need to go figure out some lighting solutions, which is by far one of my favorite departments in IKEA.  So on that note, I thought I'd share this really inspiring tutorial I spied a few months back from Kara Paslay's Blog:
I love it! They did such a great job on this. I've seen quite a few mason jar lights, but mostly singles or in groups of 3-4. This chandelier takes it to a whole new level! Here's the link to her blog for the full tutorial, and be sure to read through it completely if you want to make one, she has some great tips for making sure your ceiling fixture can support all this weight.  Mason jars are heavy!

I think you could do a lot of different things with this too.  Remember the post a while back on making tinted mason jars? (Click here for DIY tinted mason jars tutorial)
That would be fun! Or how about taking some inspiration from this Edison Chandelier:
Photo Source
I love the way they spread them out.  You could easily do this with the mason jar chandelier, just be sure to make your cords longer while making it.  I do love the bare bulb look though, especially with a lot of the vintage style lights bulbs you can easily get now, like the ones I used in my Ghost Lamps.  Which, by the way, made excellent patio lighting last summer! 

One last thing before I make my trek to IKEA, check out that reclaimed wood art on the wall there! I love that.  What a great use for old wood and leftover paint, pulls all the colors of that room together really nicely.  So, what's in store for you this weekend?  Enjoy it!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

School of Restoration: Color Block Stool Tutorial

Welcome to another session in the School of Restoration!  So, after all the fun we had with spray paint for the Ombre Chair tutorial, I really wanted to do it again - but differently. Enter, the color block! You see this a lot in fashion right now, pairing up contrasting colors in "blocks".  What do you think of my stool up here? It was sturdy, but boring, and I wanted to give it some new life, and I chose some regal colors too... navy blue, white, and solid gold feet! Ok, not solid gold, but they look it.  I used to say no to gold, but lately I've been really diggin' it. Ok, on with the show, this is a fairly easy tutorial - but I have a few tips ahead to help give you that coveted clean line.  I had no leaks on this one folks, scouts honor here - absolutely. no. leaks. Finally!

  • A sturdy stool, or other interesting furniture
  • Electric Sander
  • Medium & Fine Sanding pads
  • Sanding Sponge
  • Tape
  • Masking paper (newspaper works too, but these rolls are handy dandy)
  • Spray paints:  Primer, 3 colors, Clear Seal (I'm using high gloss baby!)
  • Dropcloth (old sheets work too, and they are almost free at the goodwill)
  • Cute stuff to put on top of it after.
Let's begin!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How To: Flat Marble Light Fixtures

Recently I told you guys I had been trying to wrap up one of my many many side projects, and I finally did. These lights have been in the works for a while, there was a LOT of trial and error, which led to a ton of learning.  When I make these again I will do a better tutorial, but for now at least I can give you the basic idea.  Take a look at how they come out:
I'm so excited about these! These are actual glass light fixtures, the standard ones that we've all had gracing our homes at one time or another.  Aren't they pretty?  They let out a good amount of light, too. I was worried that they would be too dark, but with a standard compact fluorescent in there it's perfect for a hallway or porch light. Like I said, Ralph took a lot of pictures during the hardest part, which was the grouting...

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Catching up & Moving on...

Sorry for not posting yesterday! Last weekend was full of activities, and with so much going on with this house hunt I took Monday to play catch up.  Luckily I have some spare time on my hands this week to get myself (and the house!) back in order.  We tried our hand at making Sushi rolls on Saturday night - it was great! It was a lot easier than I expected it to be, and uses way less ingredients inside than I realized.  We bought so much food to fill them up with, it's leftover city. It's no wonder Sushi restaurants are popping up everywhere, they must be making a killing!  It was the perfect group activity too, we had about 8-9 people rolling up all kinds of different things, worked out really nicely.  This was great practice too. I was a total bad blogger and didn't take pictures (boo!) However, here are a few pictures Morgan took, I'll share more when I get'em.
 So, remember way back when I told you about our soon to be house? Well, it totally fell through. Bombed.  And after a 6 month wait, ouch! I never got to show a picture, I was trying to wait until it all went through, and everything was happy and wonderful - that day didn't come, but I figure I should show you anyway:

During our inspection process we learned that the house was needing some major repairs.  Not the kind of repairs that you think is just "a little elbow grease" and some camp-like living conditions for a while  (we would have been more than fine with that).  But, the kind of repairs that weren't going to be a DIY'ers playground, but more of a give-all-your-money-and-then-some to a professional to fix type of repairs.  This stuff was a total foreign language.  I was bummed for a minute, but with so many houses on the market and it being such a good time to buy, we knew we'd find something else, however long it would take.

And then after a few other tries, we did!

Now, to be clear, nothing is set in absolute stone yet, but we've made it past the inspection and we are both very excited.  Things are looking pretty good, it needs some work, but in our price range, & in this area, they all do. So it's a matter of finding a place that has problems you feel comfortable fixing. Like I said, she's not ours yet, but things are going the right direction this far.  My fingers are crossed that everything finishes up well, too! Here she is:
Cute! A little house in the redwoods.  I've always thought living in the redwoods would be awesome, and having higher temperatures will be a big change for us!  The main living area is upstairs, with a guest suite downstairs (wow, fancy!).  No garage, but it has a covered area for working, that we may convert into a workshop.  Behind those redwoods there is a large deck off the kitchen.  Oh wait, here it is:
I love that deck, and that window! A lot of people were saying "Oh you could get rid of that window, expand the wall, and have more counters" That's one idea... but I'm pretty sure that big guy is here to stay. We love it. Here's the kitchen:
I'm really excited about this kitchen.  I love that the Dining room is in here, in one big open hang out area. They say people at parties always gather around the kitchen, and we all know it's true - now I have somewhere to put them, to work! Haha.  Living room:
Large and in charge! Arranging the furniture in that room will be a challenge, but there's nothing I love more than an interior design challenge.  That cage thing there is actually a brand new spiral staircase that goes to the bedroom & bath downstairs. 

So that's the news folks, we've been going crazy around here.  Racing from this house to that, rushing to put in offers and waiting to hear yes or no, finally - we are in the running on this one. So far so good, wish us luck for the rest!  I'll miss our little beach house, we've had a lot of fun, and we got to practice playing house for a bit. But I've felt for a while that it's time for a change, and change is good, right?

What about all of you out there, anyone else in the home market right now? Buying... Selling.. or just browsing? It's quite a roller-coaster, and it's easy to get cold feet, but I just keep telling myself that it will all be worth it...

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

How To: Live Edge Table

One of my favorite things to do with a piece of wood furniture & an electric sander, is to just plain get carried away.  I don't know why I love that look so much, but when the edges are sanded down too all kinds of crazy beveled edges - I just think it looks great. Remember the Chiseled Chair? That's what I'm talking about. Beautiful angular edges. Today I want to share a wonderful tutorial I spotted a while back on The Hunted Interior, which by the way is an amazing blog. Look at these edges:
Man, I love those edges! This is a little different than the beveled look, which I usually do with a disc sander.  When I saw this I thought "they must be cutting huge chunks off of it first" but I was wrong, they use a belt sander. Genius. Hop over to The Hunted Interior for the full tutorial, which is beautifully done. I see why she calls it a "live edge", it definitely looks like slices of some huge tree. What are your thoughts on this look?

Happy Thursday,

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cockroach Jewelry

Sick, right? Sick in a bad way, in my opinion! When you read "Cockroach Jewelry" images of sterling silver inanimate bugs come to mind, thinking maybe they could be cute? Nope. Try bedazzled live hissing cockroaches. Yep! You know the ones you see in pet stores and you wonder "who in the world wants a cockroach as a pet?!" I know, I'm biased, I just can't imagine holding one. All those legs would creep. me. out! So since it's fall now, and the posts have gone spooky spidery on us, these just popped into my head this morning. Who knows, maybe some of you will fall in love with this...
Sources: Mapping the Marvelous, Black Chandelier
No, this is not a joke! Haha, I couldn't believe it either. I think it's the creepiest thing ever! Not to mention a little sad, poor lil guys...with those heavy crystals all over 'em.  Either way, they are no longer available due to ethical reasons (see I thought so!) but they were $89.  Each.  That's what real crystals get ya, a high priced bug. Did I mention they hiss? Gross. Doesn't that model in the lower right corner remind you of Johnny Depp? Don't worry, it's not him.. but.. am I the only one who sees a little resemblance?  I think it's the eyes. Hmm. Head over to Black Chandelier to read about these Roach Brooches, it's kind of neat the care instructions show they intended for people to really take good care of these critters, they live for about 3 years.  Don't you just wish you too could have a little bug tethered to you all day?...................................No thanks, I'm good!

Here's a video if you want a live look, skip to about 1:10 ish... get ready for some goosebumps.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Crazy for Colors

Mondays are boring, even if you have the day off it feels like a Monday, how is that possible? Let's brighten it up! Anyone who knows me knows that I like color. A lot of color. I have to tone it down sometimes, but I can't help it.  Bright colors are fun and energizing, and playful! Not everything has to be so serious and muted (Sorry Martha Stewart! Still love ya...) I know some people are deathly afraid of too much color, and it's very much a to each their own. I'm deathly afraid of the lack of color, and that's why these tables are right up my alley.  Let me start with my favorite:
I love this! The white base is great with it too.  This is from Instructables, which, is one of the most awesome websites on the planet. If you haven't seen instructables, call in sick to work today and browse that place.  So many great ideas posted up by real people, with step by step photos & instructions. I love it!  OK, maybe don't call in sick, I'm a bad influence.  Here's a great compromise, these tables are nice & simple in wood, until you turn them on:
Yes! A pair of these by the bed would be great. I found them on this site, but unfortunately the blogger didn't site the source (naughty, naughty!), so I can't find where to get them.  Though, I think you could easily figure out how to do this yourself. Especially now that all these lighting places are selling the LED sets for crazy rotating colors, you could just get (or build!) a cute set of tables, wire 'em up....... boom. done. These, I can't tell you how to make:
Photo Source
So you'd have to buy them.  They are a little more night-clubby than they are cozy-living-roomy but who knows. If I had the chance to own one, I'd find a way to work it in. What's your take on these, too much? just right? not enough?

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Spotlight: Stenciling with Stains

Wow, I've been so busy this week with little projects! I am wrapping up a color block stool tutorial for you guys (Update! Here's the link!), and yesterday Ralph and I randomly decided to get our hands dirty and work with grout to finish up some amazing light fixtures we made (another update, here are the lights!).  I'll be sharing them as soon as I tidy up the photos! For now though, I saw this great post come through one of my feeds, and just had to share it, Stenciling with wood stains...
Sooo pretty! I've tried to figure out a way to do this before, with no success.  I've seen two tone staining using tape to keep the stain out of areas, but stencils have posed a real challenge - until now! This is a tutorial worth saving, she used wood glue to block the dark stain, so smart! Head over to The Ambitious Procrastinator for the full tutorial.  While you're there, browse around as she has the tutorial to make these cabinet doors, start to finish, on an affordable Ikea base. Here's the link Have a great Friday, what projects do you have planned for the weekend?

Hugs and Stuff,


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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pinterest Picks: Getting Framed

Ah, I've seen so many great uses for picture frames on Pinterest! This solves a dilemma for me, I like to have pictures up, but most my pictures are small, 4x6 style prints.  This usually means having a ton of tiny frames on the wall, which almost always end up crooked.  Plus, I like to rotate my photos as I get more of them.  These ideas take that issue in mind & are the perfect solution.  Also, thrift stores almost always have a ready supply of large, sometimes gaudy, picture frames that are just begging for a sweet coat of spray paint.
**If you're new to Pinterest & my Pinterest Picks posts, the pictures below are clickable, and will take you right to the pin on pinterest. Easy peasy.
Source: via Jesse on Pinterest

This is such a great idea. Pretty simple too! Some wire, clips, a frame and a coat of paint. Done! This would be great for kids artwork too.  Here are some other variations of the same idea:
Source: via Jesse on Pinterest

That blue one really pops!  See what I mean about the frame though? I'll be you $5 that frame was in a Goodwill, and had some crazy painting of cats & flowers in it or something.  Those type of paintings always seem to have these detailed frames, and it looks great in this solid light blue.
Source: via Jesse on Pinterest
Source: via Jesse on Pinterest

Refreshing! A simple coat of paint, does the trick everytime. This works on trinkets & tchotchkes too by the way. Some awkward little porcelain statue of a deer learning arithmetic suddenly becomes a chic little book end, in under 10 minutes! Try it, totally works. That yellow frame there is awesome, I wish I could come across something like that in a thrift shop!

I've never been lucky enough to come across an adorable old window, but if I did, you better believe I'll pull one of these in my house.  It would look so cool with a scenic picture back there. Almost like a fake window, its a pick your own view adventure! My mom and I did that once on a smaller scale, a picture frame that sort of looked like a window. We put an ocean view in there, looked awesome. Alright, I'm gonna wrap things up with this big beauty:

Woo! That is large and in charge. Home Depot never saw this person coming! That's paint chips my friends, done in what looks like a large frame. Though, I bet it's just the molding detail on the wall, filled with paint chips.  Either way, really cool & fun idea for unique wall art.

Have a fantastic Wednesday people, the end of the week has officially begun! Keep in touch: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter & Email.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How To: Easy Underbed Storage

I came across this idea recently and had one of those "why didn't I do that?" moments.  There have been so many times a failed furniture redo (for one reason or another) has left me with a few extra drawers lying around.  I've made wall shelves, wall plaques, coat hangers... I've even just scrapped them for parts.. but this use, is so obvious, functional & simple:
Photo Source
Isn't that great?? A nice set of casters turns these would be garbage drawers into handy underbed storage.  You could easily add a nice fabric top to these as well, to keep out all those dust bunnies that also like to live under the bed.  Or, you could put a lot of clothes in a space bag, then put them in the drawers, that will really amp up your storage! I can imagine these in cute coordinating colors too.  I am definitely keeping this idea in mind! What's your take, can you see these living under your bed?

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Monday, October 1, 2012

String Art Name Tablets: New colors!

Happy Monday! Is it legal to say that?! Shouldn't be. Oh wait, it's also October 1st..  Happy October! That's better. So, I mentioned recently how busy I have been with  my string art orders, and they are finally done! I have a moment to catch my breath and finish up my twin chevron side tables that I'll share with you soon finally!  For now though, here's peek at the latest string art names, these are all for the same family:
What do you think? Tanner & Landon are brothers, and Ava the sister.  I love the color combos she chose, really fun.  For Ava's, I did something a little new - I put a layer of pink underneath the final colors - not sure if you can see that! And finally, to make things easier for everyone (and to see all the amazing color choices at our fingertips) I set up some color charts for new orders: 
This should change really speed up the order process.  Before, it was a lot of back and forth, and when I showed people the choices I felt like it was a little overwhelming! Hope this helps. Oh, string too:

Look at all the  beautiful colors....... this way we can be more exact. Before it was like, 
Customer: Can I get a reddish... but a deep reddish?
Me: Sure, you mean like a rust? 
Customer: No, like a brick... or wine....
Me: more burgundy like?
Customer: Definitely not burgundy... more orange.. maybe?
And so on! Most important to me was to get the right color for them, so waiting for the package to get to them and see it in person was always nerve wracking, hoping they like the color I chose.  So these codes are the same I use at the store, so I can get the perfect match.

Now that I'm caught up, I'm thinking of toying with a few new fonts, styles & designs. I'll show you soon!

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