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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Journey to Alaska

So the Brick & Turquoise table (seen here) sold in late May, and it was a pretty big deal.  So, the wonderful (and helpful!) Teresa wrote me while I was in New York, and told me she had her heart totally set on the table, but the only issue was that she's in Alaska.... but she had already done a TON of research on who would and would not ship to Alaska, and wanted my feedback.  First of all, I was so flattered that she loved the table enough to spend who knows how long on finding it a route up there!  So between the two of us and a lot of phone calls, we managed to find a way to make it happen.  Not greyhound, not Southwest... but just the good old Post Office.  Miraculously the table was the perfect dimensions to even be considered by the USPS, and we had to have a box built (Yes, full on BUILT) for the table to make the trip.  After anxiously waiting and hoping it wasn't getting thrown around, the table arrived in Alaska (in only about a week and a half!) Here she is, in her new home, with her new family:

Isn't their place adorable? I love the bright colors and those awesome chairs. It looks so cozy! Oh, and check out that bench - Teresa did that one herself, I love it!

I learned a LOT in this experience, and it will help make future shipments way easier.  From building boxes, to new ways to ship - this was a big lesson. Having a box built is the way-to-go! Thanks again Teresa for letting me show everyone your house!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hoops & Hoops

I've been doing a lot more of the fabric wall hoops while different pieces of furniture dry.  Here they are!

These are all for sale, as sets. I can do custom sets as well. I think they came out so cute! These two fabrics in particular are actually some of my favorites, I have the pink squirrel one in my room.  I plan on doing wrapped canvas as well, as well as making some mixed sets.  Stay tuned. Have a great weekend, and congratulations to the class of 2011!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Let's hear it for New York

I know, I'm sorry - now that song will probably run in your head all day, but imagine how many times it ran through ours while we were there? Ten thousand, at least! Anyway, my sister and I just got back from a GREAT trip to New York City, and I realized I hadn't posted in a bit because I've been in super catch up mode.

Let me start by saying New York is awesome, just like everyone says. Everyone should go. The people and the streets were not nearly as mean or intimidating as everyone says, and we felt pretty comfortable pretty fast.  My sister Denise set up the whole thing, and she found us an AWESOME apartment on Airbnb, my new favorite site. You can rent (or rent out yours) apartments in so many cities, and it was cheaper and better than any hotel we saw.  It was a beautiful one bedroom apartment, on the 21st floor, with a full kitchen, internet, etc.  Here's the view:
Every night after running around New York, we'd grab some beer and sit at the table that was right next to the huge window.  It was foggy and overcast most the time, but looking back, if it were sunny I would have probably overheated, haha. Chrysler building:
Check out the building next door, they had this really nice rooftop deck. We went over there one night and had a few drinks, and we realized that looking back upon OUR building, you could totally see our window lit up, and everyone over there probably saw us watching them! Funny.
Look at those cute lights!
All in all, we had an amazing time, ate a bunch of great food, saw a lot of amazing things, landed free tickets to Dave Letterman.. I got a ton of ideas and inspiration for new projects I want to tackle, and I can't wait to go back to New York again someday. Have a great week!

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