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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spring colors!

I just finished adding 3 very bright and colorful items to the shop. Two in Spa blue, and my favorite in lime green. First, here they are:
The lime green tray started out completely different. I had originally done a tray in black with flowers in multiple shades of teal across the top. Well, for one reason or another that I won't get into, I wasn't happy. and I decided to go a different route, and now I love it. I want to make more of these.  I really love the color, it's a key lime base with a kelly green wash over the top to catch the flowers edges and all the cracks. It's available in the shop. Also new in the shop is the two spa blue (or baby blue, in my opinion) shelves. One if a frame that is set 4 inches from the wall, so you can place items on the back to have a sort of 3-d framed image. The other is an accent shelf that I picked up, that needed a little character. Check it all out in the shop!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Telephone Table

My next project! I picked up this little table a couple weeks ago, and it was in need of some help. I replaced the hardware so that it's sturdy again, and it's ready for a paint job. I like the color that it is right now, but it has a lot of scars and I think it would be best in something bright and fun. The best part about this old table, is that it was ahead of it's time and packs flat! Ikea style...  It comes apart completely.  So shipping should be a breeze! I'm collecting ideas as to what color to do this table, so far I have rust orange, deep teal blue, or a nice lime green (not key lime - but the actual color of the peel, a darker green).  I think I will put a design somewhere on it as well, I'm not sure yet.  Any ideas??

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Bud Vases

I've found more bud vases for you!  I'm happy so many people like them as much as me.  It's nice to see them go to good homes, but believe me, I enjoy having them here in the meantime! All but one of the last group of bud vases are gone (see April's Bud Vase post) and I've found more while out on my treasure hunts. Here are the newbies that are available in my shop.
Though this isn't a bud vase, I'm gonna throw it in this post anyway because it's so cute. It's an old truffle dish,  probably holds 4-5 truffles. Perfect accent to a table, I really like this piece: 

If you're interested in any of these, head over to and take a look. These are vintage finds, so they are the only ones I have of them. I know, I wish I had more!  In other news, things are starting to warm up around here, and I've been planting a ton of veggies. We have 15 tomatoes, 4 eight ball squash, 6 pole beans, 6 sugar snap peas, 2 grapes, a ton of herbs, 4 watermelon, 4 lemon cucumber, 8 varieties of peppers, 2 eggplants... jeez! Leftover from winter we have 12 broccoli finishing up, 6 cabbage and 6 cauliflower. Hopefully they finish up soon so I can plant other things in their space. We've been having a lot of random rains here, which is unusual, but I like it because 1) I don't have to water, and 2) we need extra water so bad! Last year we were on a strict schedule. I could only water on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  That's California for you, never know if it'll be a drought year! Have a great week everyone, keep in touch. I'm gonna hop around your blogs and see what everyone is up to!

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

French Cabinet

I'm finally done! In case you missed it, here is the post that shows the cabinet I've been working on for my sister Denise. It was originally a Christmas gift, but an unexpected rain (well, I just forgot to cover it...) took over and tried to kill it. I managed to rescue it, but had to wait for better weather to really get in and repair. This was kind of a good thing though, because now I could add chicken wire to the front, since the glass was gone. Here it is, all finished, and yes! I fixed that door! Some heavy duty sandpaper opened that right up.

Have a great day, it's beautiful out!

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