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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bright n' Fuzzy Speakers

These speakers take me back...  I was looking through my old project pictures and found these babies. Here's a simple how-to on converting a set of mobile speakers into some raver-iffic gear. I used a pair of old speakers that I had from middle school, (12 years ago or so??) and converted them for this auction we had back at the Y when I worked there, for the kids to spend there "bucks" that they earned through good deeds, behavior, homework etc. They were a big hit, so I thought I'd show 'em. You could do this with any of the newer mobile speaker sets, (those ones that fold shut) just keep in mind the open/close function, and glue accordingly. 
So first, I gathered my supplies:
  • A mobile speaker set
  • Fuzzy balls
  • A glue gun & glue sticks
  • Sandpaper
Since plastic can be so fickle, I gave the speakers a quick scratch before I started.  Then, after the glue gun was hot, it was just a matter of grab n' glue. Very easy & entertaining, I didn't do them TOO tight together, just enough to make sure you couldn't see the speaker anymore. This set of speakers joins together at their base for some reason, so I did all sides but those, making sure I could still connect them. 15 minutes later, done:
The sound travels through the fuzz balls no problem, and they plug right into anything with a headphone jack. Hope you liked my tutorial, as simple as it was, and be sure to send me your projects!

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