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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chalkboard & Driftwood

Yesterday I had shown all the great stuff we got recently, and I mentioned I was starting work on the interesting pig and cat ceramic figurine (here). Well, I finished them:
Here are some close ups, and they are for sale here.
Yep! Chalkboard paint. I've never used this stuff but I really really like it. It was fun, I plan on putting a tutorial up soon. Aside from the chalkboard adventures, Ross and I have slowly been working on a garden art project made of driftwood.  The idea is to have a stack of driftwood, like a tower, and just be a crazy shape. It will make itself. So first we gathered some wood & rebar, and started drilling a 3/4" hole in any random spot on the wood. Sometimes I did them off center so it would sit uneven, I like that.
Then we planted the 2 rebar posts, and started stacking!
So far so good! For the top I am just going to drill halfway into a chunky one and let it be a cap. I'll probably have to be clever in choosing wood towards the end, for a perfect fit. For now it's anything goes. One is three feet, the other is 4.  I'll update as we go!

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  1. Oh, those are so cool! I love the piggy bank and I think that the pot with the paint on it is a brilliant idea to keep track of what you are growing in different pots.


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