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Monday, March 22, 2010


Here is the story of a cabinet who was brought to life, then died, and brought back to life again. Here is the picture of the cabinet the first time I fixed it up.
It was great, the one thing was that I hadn't figured out what would go in to replace the glass. Well my sister Denise really liked the cabinet, so I decided to give it to her for Christmas. That was when I realized it was not as protected as I thought, and the rain had caught me off guard. Here is what it looked like when I finally got to dry it out this weekend.
Jeez - I was confident I could fix it, because this was all cosmetic, but it looked terrible. I let it dry all week in the sun to be SURE there was no moisture left, and then let the sanding begin. The one problem I am dealing with, is the door is rubbing when it closes now, but I think some serious sanding will fix it. Denise liked the idea of chicken wire too, so I added that this time around. Here it is, back from the dead!
I'm actually happy this all happened, because I could add the wire. I still have one more coat to go, then the sanding and distressing. I put a layer of black on the edges under so I have a color to distress to, if that makes sense. One of my favorite parts, is since some of the old paint had chipped off, I sanded and painted over the old paint that remained, so there is this awesome texture over the whole thing that makes it look even older. Any suggestions on a rubbing door??

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