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Friday, April 23, 2010

Lil' Blue Shelf

I posted a while back about new things I got, (see the post here; Score!) If you look in the back, you can see a little brown shelf. Here it is now:

Here is a picture of it before:

I really like this blue. I love blue and brown together, because who doesn't anymore, and I thought this original dark brown would be a great color to scratch into. So I painted it, then distressed it to let the brown out. I didn't realize originally, that this shelf is totally free-standing. It can of course go on a wall, but it has no trouble at all standing alone! So glad I painted the back. This project was a really fun one, and I really enjoyed the nice weather I got to work in!This item sold, but you can request something in a similar style. Unfortunately I won't likely have this exact one again! Have a great weekend!

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