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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mail & Spices

Today I finished up the mail organizer.  I came across this nice mirror & mail organizer a couple weeks back (remember this post?), it was a little beat up.  I wanted to add color since I've been on this teal kick, and hopefully someday my kitchen will be wonderful teals & lime greens (add that to huge to-do list...). Here she is:
What do you think? Rather than trying to disguise the fact that this piece has been used a lot, I just went with it. A quick tape job and a few coats of paint later, I got my teal stripe!  I replaced the hardware and beat the paint job up just enough to match, and here we go! Here is how it was before, not a huge change:
On another note, I found these cool boxes on the side of the road (in a puddle! In the rain!!) and had to rescue them. Here is one, but I have two identical ones:
They've been totally bleached out by the sun, I think they were in someone's backyard for a while. Anyway, I think i'll rub a little color on the front here & there to compliment the yellow, and then I am on the prowl for the perfect jar, as I'm going to make this my spice rack. There are 24 slots per box, so having 2 boxes, I should have a collection of 48 spice jars when this is done... I hope it's enough! haha. Have a great day!

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  1. I love these coke crates, and the cheapest I've found of these kind is $10!! so this was a great find. I love flea marketing and garage sales!!

  2. My hubby is screaming at me saying they are way too heavy to hang on the wall! I am on the hunt looking for two to put up like you did! I will order jars when I find them! Thank you for the great idea!

    1. Great! Yes, they ARE heavy but I made sure to mount into studs with heavy duty deck screws. If you don't have studs where you need them, you could always use some great anchors?

      If you can't find the racks anywhere, try ebay - I think they go for about $30? I'm not sure. I was lucky!!


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