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Monday, June 21, 2010

Forgiveness please!

Wow! What a break! Well, sorry everyone for not posting in so long, things went a little crazy with work and home life at the end of the school year there. Parties to be thrown and kitchens to be painted. Oh that's right, I didn't mention that... well here are some shots of the kitchen before and after, I'll take better ones soon. Sorry about the messes, it's a rough job to paint a kitchen!
We chose to go with bright colors. Since we rent, we couldnt' replace the cabinets, so we just gave them a quick makover. The bottom ones need another couple coats, but I'd say for just adding paint and new handles this is pretty good!

I promise to post soon about the chalkboard pig adventure, as I got an order for 28 in... it's like a litle blackboard piggy bank army....  have a great day!

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  1. OMG, The day you posted this is the day I took pix of my kitchen with different paint swatches all over the walls! Got my kitchen repaint project done soon after. Yeah it IS a big ole mess isn't it? Glad we're both happy with the results! :) Fun colors! Way cool that the landlord lets you paint!


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