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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shells and Cheese

Hello! Hope everyone had a graet 4th of July weekend. Here's an update on what I've been up to lately. I found these book ends in a thrift store and it looked like someone just left them in their garage for years. Tarnished and it looked like a child with a sharpie attacked them.  I wish I took a picture,oh well.  I had the idea that they would look great in a really high gloss solid color, for a retro-modern look. After debating about the colors for a week or so, I decided to just go for golden yellow.  I love this color! After it dried it immediately reminded me of that nuclear velveeta ooze on those shells and cheese - I can't help but love that stuff!  So these are up for sale in the shop.

In other news, I recently got my hands on this really great 1970's console stereo (thank you sarah!).  I can't wait to get my hands on it. It needs new curtains, but the stereo itself works, the speakers and great (with amazing bass!) and it has auxilary ports to hook up an ipod or mp3 player.  We had a phone hooked up to it streaming Pandora, when a phone call came in, and we actually took the call on the stereo! Pretty funny. I think I found my new love, console stereos....
A long time ago I did a few chandelier make overs, and I really liked that. Here is the teal "candle"-lier I did. I'm onto another one.  Again, I thought I took an assembled picture of it before hand, but I can't find it. So here are it's parts, just so I can show you the progress!
So, I hope I can explain this, the wooden pieces connect to that metal center. The metal center has the lights on it, and the 6 wooden pieces that attach hold 6 semi circular glass panels with a brownish tint. I'm going completely 70's with the chandelier.  While working on that one, Sarah sent me a few more chandeliers that were being tossed out, so I went and grabbed them. I'll have updates on it soon to show you more, but think 1980's octagonal & rectangular lamps... we've GOT to find a way to bring these "beauties" into our modern decor. Any ideas?  Thanks for stopping by, have a great one!

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