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Friday, November 18, 2011

Jade Standing Mirror

Joel had brought me a standing mirror that his friend was getting rid of, and I am kicking myself now for not taking a before picture! How can I describe it... it was in pieces, missing hardware, and it looked like someone fell asleep while they were priming it.  All in all though, it was a solid wood mirror in great shape, with plenty of potential.  I mulled over it for a while, and finally came to terms with the fact that I have, and will, always love the color teal and all it's siblings in the turquoise department.  So, thinking back to this chandelier project, I wanted to re-use that wonderful Jade color paint! It was hard to find, but amazon brought it home to me.  Here's the best picture I could scrounge up for a "before" of the mirror:
However, the paint was not in such nice condition! So in I started on the jade, and after seeing that all the wonderful wood grains were showing through the paint, I went with a black glaze.  I wanted to utilize the back of the mirror too, which was just wood.  So I made it into a magnetic chalkboard. Here are the pictures, I hope you like it! It's for sale in my etsy shop

 I painted the hardware black and distressed it a bit, to match the rest of the mirror.
The holes for the hardware were completely open, so some wooden plug in black make a nice accent. So there you have it, the Jade Standing Mirror. I'm so happy about the magnetic paint! I hadn't used it before and it has really surprised me. I tested it out and it works great!
Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. How clever to give it a dual purpose! If I ever get lucky enough to score a standing mirror, I'll have to keep this in mind

  2. This is SO CUTE!! WOW! And I love your description of its "before"!

  3. I have this same mirror and I would love to redo mine! Did you leave the mirror in the frame when you painted it? Mine is in storage right now so I'm not sure if it would come apart or not. Thanks!


  4. Thanks everyone! Hehe. @Boyohboy, I did leave the mirror in the frame. I taped it off as best I could, and then since the mirror is glass, I just used a razor blade to safely scrape off any leaks. Good luck!


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