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Monday, December 12, 2011

String Art Tablets & The Divine Minimalist

If you have followed the blog for long, you know of my love for string art - as seen here and here.  But those are more, installations for your wall and can't come with you if you move.  So I thought I should try to do a few on wood, since I LOVE wood grain too.  Here are some photos:

I picked out a nice looking piece of wood and began to cut it into tablets.  Then I beveled the edges and sanded the fronts smooth.  I chose my designs for my prototypes and got to stringing. It was a lot of fun! These are all available in my Etsy shop, and I'm available for custom orders.  My favorite is the Old English letter, which obviously can be done in any letter or font.  I think they'd look great on each side of a bed, or on the bedroom doors of a family home.

On the same note, just this morning I saw a post on The Divine Minimalist about my string art! Special thanks to a long time friend, Betsy Webster, for featuring my string art tablets on her blog today.  If you haven't checked out The Divine Minimalist yet, hop over when you have a chance.  It's like a steady stream of eye candy for those of us who love design and home decor.  Plus all kinds of creative ideas to keep your creative side lively and fresh.  I LOVE her post on wood grain candles, seen here. Thanks Betsy!

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  1. Awesome features.. I LOVE the blue you choosed.. : )) So pretty..


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