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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dining Set, part 2

Moving right along, the chairs needed a good cleaning and a priming.  Here they are:
 What a difference some primer can make!  Yes, maybe I'm over excited about it.  But to see some progress here was really helpful, haha.
 Since the style she wants is a distressed style, I wanted to do a nutmeg undercoat.  In this case I used spray paint.  I just love spray paint.
 So that's the final coat! She picked out the grey, and I distressed down to the nutmeg, and then coated the entire chair frame in an ebony stain. 
 Here's a close up of the distress, I love how it came out.
So now you're up to speed, I'll take more pictures as the progress moves along. There are 6 chairs, and the fabric that she chose for them is a really pretty almost teal blue...... you're gonna love it. Have a great day!

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