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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spotlight: Modern Colorful Mobile

I love mobiles, I always have.  They're fun, they move, and they can add a lot to a room.  Plus most mobiles you can easily make, which gives you the flexibility to change it at any time.  You just need a few materials on hand.  Before I start, check out these beauties:
 SO pretty! I think what also attracts me here, is the color spectrum.  I have always referred to this as the "80's rainbow" since it doesn't have green.  I don't that was an actual thing in the 80's...but I noticed a lot of toys and clothes from the time seemed to flaunt this green-less beauty.  Anyway, seems like a lot of people are incorporating the sewing machine into paper arts, making garlands, bunting, and in this case - mobiles.  Here's the link to the original tutorial where I first saw this: DIY Modern Colorful Mobiles.
 While the tutorial says great for showers, etc, I can see making a few of these to spice up a boring corner of a room, gently spinning.  Adding the fishing weights is a great idea too.  I bet a group of these huddled in a corner with a spotlight underneath would look fantastic.  Imagine all the variations of this you could do, if these colors aren't your thing.  It can affordable be tailored to compliment any room. Just thought I'd share, enjoy!

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