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Friday, March 23, 2012

Pinterest Picks: Succulent Furniture

We might as well admit it.  Those of us who use Pinterest are familiar with those times that you just get completely lost and blown away by the things you see there, that you just never thought of. I know I do anyway!  If you don't have Pinterest yet, I can invite you. People say, what is Pinterest, I don't get it? And honestly the best analogy I can think of, is, you know how we used to cut out things from magazines that we liked?  I had so many ideas cut out from magazines that I had to keep them in binders - all with the intentions of "saving" an idea that I would one day, hopefully, tackle.  Well Pinterest is just that. Saving ideas but one step further, categorizing them into easily accessible "boards" and sharing them with each other - without hogging shelfspace.  So I thought, what better way to add to our little addiction than to have a Pinterest Picks section now and then? And here we are.

I really should have named this post "Plant Furniture" or "Planters you can also use as a table" but I didn't.  The succulent table has had me so captivated, that it won for title of this post. I can't wait to try one of these, or it's siblings, when I finally get to make my mid-century modern patio a reality. Check out my Pinterest Picks, if you please:
 Can you believe that table? That's the one that started all this, that's the culprit, right there! I'm in love with that table. I can't decide if I would rather put succulents or herbs in there, or what the hey, lettuce and strawberries?  The person who made this was nice enough to do an entire tutorial on it and it's all over Pinterest. For good reason! Click here to hop over to Pinterest and check it out.  Re-pin that, it's fantastic!
This here is another take on that table.  But if you look closely the edges are open. That's a nice touch! Click here to dash over and re-pin that beauty.  Click again once in pinterest to be automatically redirected to it's source site. That's what I LOVE about Pinterest, it's like visual bookmarks. Honestly, have you ever heard anyone say they don't love it?
Here's a clever one - a coffee table! In my opinion all the outdoor furniture needs a strip of plants in the middle. It's a way for the table to say, hey - I love the outdoors, it's where I belong!  Wait a minute, did you notice that bench? That's no ordinary bench it's a vintage metal slider!  I would love to find one of those, they're gorgeous! Here's the pin' link.
Just in case tables weren't enough for you, fear not - the succulent treatment knows no bounds.  Look at that dresser! Normally a piece like that outside would make me sad, but once you throw a plant in it I'm all for it. Click here for it's pin.
Aaaw, here's a personal favorite. The Cinder Block planter wall. I have very serious plans to do this one in the next year or so of my life (ya like that time frame? I don't like pressure).  I think it looks really modern, it's fairly simple, and would be excellent for seasonal herbs and leafy greens - while saving space! Link!
Yes, this isn't a table or piece of furniture but I still thought it was delightful.  When something is easy but really makes an impact, you have to love it. Succulent Brick Planter Tea Lights, summer bbq anyone?  Line 'em up and you dont' have to cut a hole in your table! See? I made it relate to furniture somehow...

Hope you enjoyed my Pinterest picks, it's perfect for a Friday because pinning is the perfect thing to do when you just don't wanna work.  Do you have some clever planter meets furniture ideas? Do tell! Have a great weekend!

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