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Friday, May 11, 2012

DIY: Painted Vases

I've seen a few really neat vase tutorials around the ol' internet lately, and thought what better timing than Mother's Day to share these tutorials with you? Gift idea alert!  I can't wait to try these out soon.  I found three especially interesting tutorials, and thought I should share.  First up, these easy and wonderful enamel painted vases:

I love how they look like they are made OF that color glass! Great effect. Sadly, you shouldn't put water in these...but one of my readers commented on the Vintage Mason Jar post, just put a smaller vase inside to hold flowers. Perfect! (Thanks so much Reenie.. so clever!) Here's the full tutorial from the blog Sugar and Charm.  Up next we have a similar style paint job, but using multiple colors in these DIY paint swirl vases:
What an effect! This totally reminds me of the christmas ornament project. What a great idea to bring the technique into the rest of the year! Doing the paint job on the inside also gives that same, finished enamel look.  Head over to Centsational Girl for the wonderful & detailed tutorial.  Last up, is this unique photo vase.  Take a look at the pictures first and try and guess how it's done:
PVC pipe.  I am 95% sure that you did not guess that! I know I didn't.  All it took was some mod podge and a few family photos, instant adorable and memorable vase for Mom. Or whoever.  It would be fun if you made one as a centerpiece for an annual event, that had pictures of last years event.... oooh! Here's the link to Mod Podge Rocks where you can see the full tutorial. You can totally put water in this one! Have a great weekend everyone, don't forget the flowers! They are required :)

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